1 - 10 KMD [COMMUNITY OUTREACH] Help us spread the word about Komodo's dPoW security services!



Last week, we posted this article about 51% attacks and how Komodo's Delayed Proof of Work security services can help protect any Proof-of-Work blockchain from falling victim to one.

We'd love your help getting this message out to other cryptocurrency communities.

This is a great chance for Komodo to gain some attention throughout the blockchain sphere, especially within the communities of other coins and tokens who may not be familiar with us yet.

Now is also a great time to broadcast this message because there have been a number of high-profile 51% attacks recently. Here are some example: Bitcoin Gold, Verge (twice), Zen Cash, Litecoin Cash, and Monacoin.

In addition, crypto-media is abuzz with articles like "Blockchain's Once-Feared 51% Attack Is Becoming Regular" and "You Can Now 51% Attack A Coin For As Little As $500."

Here are a few important facts to know:

  • Komodo is only charging ~330 KMD per year for dPoW services. At current market prices, that's about $500 USD per year.

  • Komodo does not aim to make a profit from this service. We are simply charging the project the transaction fees that will be incurred from notarizing their chain to the main KMD chain.

  • Komodo is already paying over $1 million USD per year to notarize the Komodo ecosystem to the Bitcoin ledger (the process occurs every ten minutes and BTC tx fees are not small).

  • The way we see it, we're already notarizing to BTC blockchain-- and the fees will not go up simply by notarizing other blockchains, too-- so we might as well help secure every other blockchain that we can.

The main objective of this bounty is to get this message into other crypto communities. You may do this in the form of:

Comments on Telegram, Discord, or Slack of other crypto projects [1-2 KMD, depending on how much discussion it generates]

Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn posts [1-5 KMD, depending on engagement of the comment/post]

Create quality content (no copy/paste from Komodo text) and share it. This might on Medium or a blog or simply a share on social media [1-5 KMD, depending on the quality of the content and how much engagement it gets]

We will award up to 10 KMD for any outstanding contributions that get a ton of engagement and/or spark a big discussion. The bounties will all be awarded solely at the discretion of the Komodo marketing team.


-- Please don't shill.
-- Please don't copy/paste text from the original article and just shotgun blast it into every group you're a member of. It will make you look like a bot and make Komodo look like a shilly project.
-- You may post a link to the original article if you so choose.
-- Please do this because you believe in the Komodo project and because you want to help us grow, not because you want to earn a few free coins.
-- What we're looking for here are genuine posts from our community that explain the dPoW service to other projects that may benefit from it. It will really help Komodo to gain exposure while also helping to keep other blockchains secure from 51% attacks.

That's all! Sorry for the long post. Thanks very much for reading.

We're very grateful for all the help we get from the community so thanks again for all the support y'all!


how to register / Submit a Report for this Job/bounty... ?

sorry if may questions make you uncomfortable..
i'm just new in here and need more learn of this forum work...

Thank you


Hey kplx69! Thanks for the interest, no worries about the question.

If you make some posts on social media, just leave the link here on Forum. There's no need to submit a report. All you need to do is respond to this bounty and show us what you've done :slight_smile:



Thank you for your kindness answer...
So like this is Okay....?

Thank you...


Thanks for the tweet @kplx69 it got a few RTs. Happy to send you 1 KMD. What we'd most like to reward is performance and clever thinking so maybe consider facebook groups too. The more discussion the better.

  • delayed proof of work is like a system restore or backup to the cloud on your iphone, only it's on blockchain and notarises a small independent chain to bitcoins chain which acts as that checkpoint / restore point
  • this is pretty cool because it's recycling the enormous energy in bitcoin to protect smaller chains so it's pretty green

It's an interesting discussion point when people talk about attacks etc... to explain there is a counter.


wow, okay i got it now
that tweet just like my beginning to try so i'm so sorry if its not meet the Requirement for this Job / Bounty

i think i should download Komodo Platform whitepaper and learn more about KMD DPOW and spread/discuss with many person on forum / Group

Thank you


That's a great idea. Check the blog and Medium. Sign up for the newsletter too.

I want to encourage you of course. Please don't apologise - it's good to see you taking part.


really thanks for that answer
yes i'm searching about DPOW Komodo on Komodo Blog and their Medium account now..

currently i'm Joined some ICO who build on KomodoPlatform so i want to learn more about KomodoPlatform is, and that's why i found this Forum, and really thankfully with warm welcoming for me.... :blush:


Hey @benohanlon not sure exactly where this would fit, and Maybe it's currently not worthy of reward but I think it's a great opportunity to spread the word if we make the next vote :slight_smile:


If you let me know when they do the vote and we promote it @Brenny and they do the interview I think that would be worth a small bounty.


are you still alive on this forums... :smiley:

i forgot my account on this forums, so recently i don't really active on here... @benohanlon
i truly sorry about that... :disappointed:


Yes I'm still alive @kplx69! Thank you for asking. I'm working on a big bounty that we'll be announcing this week.


This sounds cool...

The ANON one just completed and there have been some awesome submissions there. Some great infographic and designs in general have come out.

Maybe I would be able to pull some guys over from there to show their talents! :smiley:


wow, that's really cool, @benohanlon
will wait for it.... :blush:


Check KOMODO reddit :wink:


@Brenny @kplx69 the big contest is up https://www.reddit.com/r/komodoplatform/comments/9d8bbz/komodos_20_infographic_contest_5000_kmd_grand/


is this stil available bounty?


This is closed. Sorry.


thanks for answer :slight_smile:


Is there any active reward today? I see they're ancient , thanks. very good comunity :wink: @benohanlon