10 KMD [GRAPHICS] 51% Attack graphic


OK so we need another graphic! This one will be the header image on a blog post about 51% attacks, how they work, and how Komodo's dPoW security mechanism can help prevent them.

I don't have anything specific in mind for this one, so feel free to use your imagination. The only two requirements are:

(i) the image must be a visual representation of the theme "51% attacks" (again, we're relying on your creativity here)


(ii) as usual, the image must be Komodo-branded and use our normal color scheme, logo, style, etc.

Final note: we will not be awarding this bounty until we have received at least 5 submissions. So show us your best work! We'll pick our favorite out of the images submitted.

Thanks again to everyone for your hard work and contributions.



@Daniel, this is my proposal in three variations. in general I made use of an easy to read visualization of the % with dots, so that it is very clear that the topic is about getting a majority in order to control. let me know what you think, I'm looking forward to your response. thanks!




Thanks for the submissions dpe!

As I said in the original bounty description, we're going to wait until at least 5 people have submitted an image before choosing our favorite and awarding the bounty.

Thanks again for all your contributions here on KIN!


Here's My First Submission Variation, Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

  • Sticks With KMD Colour Scheme/Branding
  • Police Icon Symbolises 'Real' Workers' Hashrate %
  • Bandit Icon Symbolises Attackers' Hashrate %

Would also like comments from community members if they have any feedback :slight_smile:


Maybe something of this sort of design (shaping etc.)


Here is another option.


This is nice!


@Daniel @Brenny @Wilms

I've seen you posted the article already with another header. does that mean the bounty is closed without a chosen proposal and the submitted ones are without use? that would be sad!


Ahhh yes, the crossroads of pro-bono spec work & the pace of crypto.... the reaper of time marches on.


Looks to me like that is simply just the thumbnail and they are looking for something to replace that as the header image?

I could be wrong though. :slight_smile:


perhaps, but still.. c'est la vie


yeah, in case they replace it that would be fine!

I was just thinking if there is person 4 and 5 designing (as @Daniel mentioned they want to wait for at least 5 proposals) but as they didn't say that it is closed already other members are still working on it … what could be avoided, no?


Hey all,

yes, sorry we had to go ahead and post that article. We will still wait for 5 people to submit and award a bounty but, unfortunately, we won't actually use the graphic. But we'll still keep it open and pay the bounty, as promised. Apologies that the winning image won't actually be published.

In general, it looks like we'll be moving away from posting bounties for graphics here on KIN. A few main reasons for that. First, we're changing our visual representation of Komodo (for example, see the graphics for the "5 pillars of blockchain" posts).

Second, we've just started working with a design agency. They'll be helping us with web design, visual assets, and some other design stuff. So we're hoping to leverage that for graphics.

In the meantime, I think we'll be handling all graphics in-house.

Thanks for all the work and contributions!



thanks for the reply.

but isn't it kind of superfluous to wait for other members creating sth that will never have a use case?? as you said that graphics will handled in-house it would make sense to close the bounty and move on?

what about just distributing the 10KMD to all three contributors equally, that sounds fair doesn't it?

@Daniel, @Brenny, @Wilms


Nope, that doesn't sound fair at all.

I said in the original post that we would wait for 5 people to submit, pick our favorite, and then award the bounty to the winner. And that's exactly what we will do.

It would have been ideal if we could have used the graphic and published it online. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out that way.

I'm sorry for that but we never promised we'd publish anything-- just that we'd award a 10 KMD bounty after 5 people submit. We will stick to our word.

Thanks for your understanding.


Again, please remember that KIN isn't just about paying people to do freelance graphic design work for us. That's not the idea here.


sure, no problem! thanks for your response


Thanks for the response daniel I think this is fair and understandable :slight_smile: