10 KMD [GRAPHICS] 51% Attack graphic


absolutely – I said no word about payment, but just have the feeling that it is strange asking for sth (or stick to it) that you even confirmed it will never be used. but no problem, I'm looking forward to the results of other members. just wanted to share my thoughts. :v:


oh, and just to add – I meant to distribute the bounty like 3.33 for each of us (not 10).


Is this still going on?


I think there is still time for a few submissions. The original post states there has to be minimum 5 participants before the award can be given :slight_smile:
I would love to see what you come up with


This is my idea!


I should've checked the dates before I took the time to make something but I just wanted a chance at the bounty and to be the 5th entry lol


cool idea here but needs to be more polished... and delayed proof of work / security works by recycling bitcoin's energy and backing up...

so perhaps it would be a set of scales one a set of scales if that makes sense? the point is that it creates a restore point or checkpoint on bitcoin which has a huge hashrate (i.e. huge amount of energy being invested in it).


This isn't polished enough to use... and not sure of the concept itself. See my comment about how dpow is recycling bitcoin's energy to create a checkpoint on bitcoin.



Warming up before the infographic contest,
I create an infographic about 51% attack.


Another design concept about 51% attack

dPoW vs PoW

I am also making a design concept about KMD. who are immune to Mantisa Attack, Sybil Attack and Knapshack Attack, it's just that I'm still learning how to describe the attack.

Thanks @Brenny for your love, do you love me :slight_smile: ?


@Brenny is ths still open?


Yes. This is still open.