[ACTIVE] Bounty Program to create Komodo Dragon icon/graphics

We have promised to pay bounties for an effort to create a Komodo Dragon that our community likes. This has been a very requested thing.

The effort is currently led by @daemonfox:

We need better Discord Dragon icons
I want to make Vinyls in all sizes, so a decent res is requirted for larger Vinyls and decals
I am already scouring to try and find someone to draft an original design Komodo can use going forward and will gladly pay a bounty

Working up my idea and sourcing some outside talent
Idea was def take submissions for an entry bounty
Then do an airdrop for votes
Reward the top 3, and rinse repeat for a community voted winner.

If you would like to participate to this bounty please reach out to @daemonfox on Komodo Discord.