AtomicDEX Mobile FAQ

Q: How to download the AtomicDEX app?

Q: What is the minimum version of Android that can run AtomicDEX?

A: AtomicDEX mobile is built using Flutter and its backend uses the Android API 21. So, the Android 5.0 is the lowest version currently supported by AtomicDEX.

Q: Is there a video walkthrough for a new AtomicDEX user?

A: See: How To Make An Atomic Swap With AtomicDEX From Komodo - YouTube

Q: How to get Test coins to swap?

A: Links to faucets:

Q: Why am I getting “invalid address error” message on ETH transaction broadcast attempt?

A: AtomicDEX uses ETH checksum verification: Thus, address input is case-sensitive.

Q: The exchange/wallet I use doesn’t support mixed case addresses. What can I do?

A: AtomicDEX uses mixed case addresses for ETH as they have builtin error detection.

Q: Why does the “MAX” button set less amount than my total balance?

A: MAX amount = Total balance - txfee for 2 transactions - taker fee

Q: What is the minimum order size?

A: Minimum order size for any coin is 0.00777. For both sides of the order.

Q: Supported Address formats

A: - Litecoin: Starts with “L”

  • Bitcoin: Starts with “1”

  • Bitcoin Cash: Starts with “1”

Q: To manually update AtomicDEX on Android:

A: Playstore → Hamburger menu (in left - top corner ) → My apps and games → Installed → find AtomicDEX and click update

Q: How to report failed/stuck/timed out swaps?

A: Use the form:

Q: Why do I need to hold ETH to buy ETH/ERC20 tokens?

A: Your address needs to hold a small amount of ETH to pay GAS fees to the contract that initiates the swap.

Q: Why am I not able to add some of the available coins but not others?

Q: Why am I not able to add the available coins using one ISP while being able to do so while using another?

A: The above two questions have the same answer. One possible reason is that your ISP’s DNS server isn’t resolving some of the Electrum servers’ addresses properly. It can be fixed by adding a public DNS like Google’s or Cloudflare’s to your OS settings.