Blockchain Renaissance 2021 By Komodo

NO MORE WAITING :boom: :komodopog:

You asked for a bigger, better, stronger Komodo - It’s here #wakethedragon :dragon:

November 8th & 9th | Miami, The Hague, Online

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Blockchain Renaissance 2021 By Komodo

The next adventure begins - we just took our next step as a community from a little dragon to a full-grown behemoth :dragon_face: We are pleased to announce to @everyone that Komodo will be hosting BlockREN 2021 - a liberty themed global conference focusing on the ideals of the flourishing renaissance of money that blockchain projects are coming to represent!

We’re bringing in speakers, sponsors, and workshops and more. The event starts before the Miami Crypto Experience to make a full week of blockchain happening in Miami on Nov 8 - 13th. BlockREN 2021 is BOTH a virtual and on the ground physical conference happening in Miami AND The Hague.

:hammer_and_wrench: Workshops & Learning
:studio_microphone: Passionate Speakers
:performing_arts: Arts & Culture
:handshake: Networking & Relationships
:musical_note: Comedy & Music

Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now :fire:

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