CLOSED 1 KMD - 2KMD per post [FACEBOOK GROUP OUTREACH] write a post inviting people to the KIN community and share it in the Facebook groups you're a part of. Bounty rewarded for good explanations and advocating. You will not be rewarded for link dumping.



Reach out to facebook groups you're active in and explain what KIN is. It is a community focused on decentralized marketing with micro-bounties rewarding good content, graphics and communication. Explain Komodo and the opportunity with KIN.

1 KMD for a good post
2 KMD for an excellent post or video that generates discussion
Please note you will not be rewarded for dumping links. This bounty is for thinking, communicating and engaging people. To do that you need to talk with them.

Explain Komodo

  • We're a blockchain platform. We offer independent chains but secured by notarising on bitcoin because of its hashrate.
  • We have a decentralised exchange called BarterDEX and it's powered by atomic swaps (peer to peer trades with no middle men).
  • We've also a multi coin wallet.
  • So Komodo lowers the barriers to build on blockchain because you can build your chain, trade and store your coin with our tech.

Benefits of participating in KIN

  • demonstrate your skills and showcase your experience creating blockchain / cyrpto content
  • as the community grows we'll invite other projects from the Komodo ecosystem to place bounties and hire people from this KIN community
  • you can really help Komodo with their marketing and it's possible to earn a decent amount of $KMD doing it



Howdy, I wrote up a somewhat wordy layman's explanation to post on facebook.

I will start sharing it, but additional feedback is very much appreciated.

"Hey there, I know this group is not really specifically about this but I felt it is important to share,

I am part of a community-driven network known as KIN whose goal is to grow knowledge in the crypto-currency space.

It is important we recognize the changes happening in our world and get ahead of them,

that is why I want to share with you about the power and accessibility of the Komodo coin.

Komodo is a community driven crypto-currency that has built a working, private, secure and stable platform.

This platform offers end to end block-chain solutions that reduce the barriers to success of projects within the Komodo ecosystem,

I could go deep into its features of scale-ability, smart contrasts, dPoW security, decentralized exchanges, micro-payments, privacy tools, crowdfunding and more but that understanding comes with time.

These cutting-edge features are driving an ever-growing demand for the Komodo (KMD) coin and it will keep gaining strength in popularity and adoption.

Don't take my word for it though! Learn more about Komodo yourself~!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions :)"


Alright, so I did in fact share with two groups my write up, I am still waiting for further feedback from members.

I made sure to include information graphics as well as a proper title bar for the link.

The Komodo website needs to be optimized in this way for sharing on facebook, as the images that are pulled are not appealing to a mass crowd.

I am not sure how to proceed with the group but I am availble on telegram @n3rfed


alright I have joined numerous Facebook crypto-currency groups with the intention of introducing myself first, and building relationships before I talk about the KIN.

I will continue to spread the good news, group by group though (not with the previously created draft), but would appreciate any further feedback.


Keep it up and share links where you've posted for bounties to be awarded.


Just to be clear the goals of the post are

  1. Gather more folks into the KIN
  2. Spread the good word about KMD.

I was going to link then both to the KIN "start here" post , the Komodo main site, and follow up with a self comment of this image ::

Let me know if you can think of any better links for the outreach :slight_smile: Thank You Ben, you are a hero!


Hey there, reporting back with some additional news.
I have been pushing the KIN, and KMD on
I have promoted this post, and been sharing it to relevant community popular posts.
It seems to have gained a little traction, but I think if the steemit community is one that can be cultivated, consistent reinforcement is going to be a good way to do so.

Is there anyone who has a larger network of followers on steemit that could use the post?

I have also posted the same text/images to multiple crypto specific facebook groups, but in all but one case the posts have been not allowed by moderators or later removed.
The one link that did remain is here: but, it still may be unavailable to non group members.

Let me know what you think, thanks Ben.


Hi @nerfedd I joined that Facebook group and can't see the post. However I can see the Steemit post and I'm happy to award you 2 KMD for it. Please DM me your address. Keep up the good work! Will be posting some more bounties soon.