CLOSED 10 KMD [GRAPHICS] graphic for Merkle Tree post




We need a graphic for our Merkle Tree post, found here

It needs to be similar to this, this and this graphics but geared towards Merkle Tree, more professional looking and branded for Komodo.

5 KMD for a completed graphic that gets accepted and can be used for our post.


Do you have any of the Komodo assets available (preferably in an Illustrator or EPS format)?


Hi @Sii. Here are our logo packs. The original post also has some links... tell me if you need anything else please?


Awesome, thanks!


Here's an example of what we're looking for:

Just needs to match the 3 example graphics attached in the description of the bounty above


so u want the komodo branded merkle tree graphics for each of the examples, three in total?


Actually, you could just make 2.

This one can be ignored.

But yes, just the other 2 Merkle tree graphics with KMD branding is exactly what we're looking for!

P.S. If you could make the 'Bob' box and the 3 black hashes Bob is sending in the second graphic appear differently from the rest of the hashes, that would be ideal. The rest of the colors can be ignored.


Please let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:


no thanks, I'll do it. you'll receive them later today when I'm back home. thanks


@Daniel I'll leave this bounty open until you decide on a winner.


@Daniel, is this how you want the bob-one to be?
looking forward to your response.


Hey dpe, thanks for this! Could you make a few small adjustment to make it look more like the attached image?

And then a few additional requests:

(i) Can you please use the full horizontal logo at the top of the image and make it a bit larger?

(ii) Can you make the "Merkle Root" text at the bottom of the graphic bigger?

(iii) Could you please add a thin yellow border around the blocks that have hashes NOT sent by Bob? (similar to what you did with Bob's hashes, except a yellow border instead of white)

(iv) please extend the first arrow from the "BOB" box all the way to the "77777777" hash

If you can make these adjustments and submit something similar for the other Merkle Tree graphic, we will def use your work and award you the bounty!

Thanks very much for your contributions.


hi @Daniel, this is the one with your changes.
ok like this? please let me know.
also please let me know which one of the others you also would like to be created.


Looks great! If you could just add the yellow border to the bottom block (merkle root), it will be ready to go!

Here's the other one we need:


alright, no problem. what about the colors for the second one, should I respect the four different ones (adjusted to komodo branding) or can they be ignored?




If you could keep the colors different, that would be best.

You could even just alternate between white borders and yellow borders. So white borders for the top row, yellow borders for second row, white borders for third row, and then yellow for the Merkle Root.

Does that make sense?


OK I'm really sorry to ask but I actually have one last request. Could you make the "55667788" block a little smaller, to match the size of the other blocks?

Apologies for not catching that sooner


no problem


Perfect! This one is ready, thanks!