CLOSED 15 KMD [GRAPHICS] Image for Netcoins & Komodo announcement



Just need a simple, Komodo-branded image to post with an announcement about an agreement between Komodo and Netcoins.

A .png of the Netcoins logo is attached.

Komodo's logo pack can be downloaded here.

I've also attached an example of a previous graphic we used to announce a similar agreement. This new Netcoins image doesn't necessarily have to be black; the image attached is just an example.

We're planning on posting this announcement soon so I'll only be leaving this bounty up for ~12 hours.

Thanks in advance!




This of any use :slight_smile:


OK a few small requests and then I think I can use it!

Can you please:

(i) add the logos to the left of the names (Komodo + Netcoins) on the left side of the graphic?

(ii) change the + to something that has straight edges and is just a normal + sign?

(iii) change the color on the upper left side of the graphic to the darker KMD green color?

(iv) move the background image of the two hands shaking slightly down, and perhaps move the 2 puzzle pieces slightly up and/or to the right, in order to make that image more visible?

If number (iv) isn't possible, I think I'll still be able to use it with the 3 other changes.

Thanks for all your help Brenny!


Sure give me an hour and I will amend :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks again


This better? :slight_smile:

is there anything you want adding? maybe a little quote or 1 liner to the bottom?


This looks good, we can use it! I'll close this bounty now and Ben will be in touch tomorrow for a payment address. Thanks for your quick response on this one!



Hi @Brenny. Great job on winning another bounty. Please DM me with the specific amount and URL of the bounty and your address to claim.