CLOSED 15 KMD [TRANSLATION] English to Spanish



We need instructions on creating a new assetchain translated from English to Spanish.

Here is a link to the page with the info we need translated:

Here is the same text in a Google Doc:

Please translate to Spanish and submit in a Word doc, .txt file, or Google Doc.



Here we are:

I should don't recommend translate things as dPOW or Assetchain as I did. I can redo whatever you need. This is Spanish from Spain, not LatinAmerican.

My wallet: RKwLtenHbgDVSeN3QDRkpJupaqSxBEheCj


Hey thanks for the quick response! I've passed your translation along to a team member to proofread. If it looks good, then I'll confirm with you and send the bounty over. Thanks for your help!


Perfect! If you need something more, just tell me and I can change it. Thanks!


Hey Daniel, is the bounty still available? I believe I can translate the document more accurately whilst having it sound right in the target language.


However bare in mind that my translation would be in Spanish from Latin America. I study Spanish from Spain at uni and am living in Mexico at the moment though so I'm very familiar with translation texts.


Hey there! I'm still waiting on approval of the translation @neokensou provided but it seems like we will be able to use it.

However, we're starting to look for more help in Spanish-speaking regions of the world. I'd be interested in chatting with both of you a bit more.

venomshark63, are you on Discord? Or Telegram? What would be the best way for us to chat?