CLOSED 25 KMD [TRANSLATION] English to Spanish



We need information about assetchain parameters translated from English to Spanish.

Here is a link to the page with the info we need translated:

Here is the same text in a Google Doc:

Please translate to Spanish and submit in a Word doc, .txt file, or Google Doc.



Here you have my translation. I couldn't find a meaning for coinbase. You can change as you wish:

My wallet: RKwLtenHbgDVSeN3QDRkpJupaqSxBEheCj


Same as before, I'll submit this and get it approved before awarding the bounty (sorry, I'm not a Spanish speaker so I can't verify myself : /

But thanks again for your quick help! I will be in touch soon.

P.S. Komodo is looking to expand our reach into Latin America. I realize you're from Spain but would you be interested in helping and chatting more about this? Are you on Discord or Telegram?



Let me know if you're happy to award this @Daniel.


Yep, Hermes approved both translations. We can award @neokensou the bounties!