CLOSED 5 KMD [GRAPHICS] a logo for KIN (Komodo Influencer Network)



The 'Komodo Influencer Network' will be a community of creators and communicators who are fluent in Komodo's tech (by creating content we'll educate ourselves) and we need a logo that communicates the fact they'd be an influencer and that they'd be rewarded. Also, it ought to work within the current KMD branding.

5 KMD for each concept that is produced of a high quality. No more than two concepts per person.


Komodo Logo Pack

Bounty closes on Friday 13th - decision will be made Mon 16th


I thought of this design a few days ago and I thought I'd make it for the bounty program. I don't have any graphic design education and I only do it as a hobby. This can obviously be edited and expanded upon.


Here's a quick concept. Been imagining the original Komodo logo as a gear for some time now, and this seemed like a good place to utilize that concept. Each influencer is a cog in the greater machine,

Didn't incorporate any text for this but it would be simple to add after the fact.


Thought I'd give it a shot :wink:


haha I like this a lot @Brenny ... but I think the black in the centre is offbrand... .everything else is very cool... would you consider another go?


Thanks for the effort @CryptoLlama. This isn't a match. I did like what Brenny did below... something along those lines with textures to represent the social / community is a nice idea.


Posb @needle. I like the textures/background patterns that Brenny did below. See what you think?


Not sure what "psob" means, I'm assuming it's a typo or I'm just too old to be hip. :slight_smile: Changing the logo into a gear might be off-brand, or even rotating it 45 degrees. I should read up on the guidelines.

I do think @Brenny is on to something. Perhaps just removing the inner logo is enough to make it work.


OKAY! Second try, same as original with black removed. I do have another concept which you may like to see however i cant post here because of 3 reply limit :neutral_face: @benohanlon

Horizontal Style

Hope this is better :slight_smile:


Vertical Style


Had to join the forum for this and came up with this idea, where kind of two "komodo-cells" interacting/influencing each other.



Here's my entry. Influencer's grow the Komodo Platform ecosystem.


got a bit of a habitat going on there :slight_smile: interesting concept, i like it too.


hello @benohanlon, hello community!

this is my submit for the bounty. I did two versions for the logo, they are type based and communicate both the community as well as the komodo branding.

proposal 1: the logo is reduced in size in proportion to the wordmark so that the network and community gets in focus. the arrows communicate an exchange as mentioned in the statement (educate ourselves, influence).



proposal 2: they make use of the komodo logo and added type. the type is colored in a gradient that communicates the exchange of ideas and influencing (from one color to another). the proposal is shown in different color schemes and logo adjustments.

I'm looking forward to your responses,
thanks and best!


proposal 2, different color scheme



proposal 2 with adjusted logo position:



ok, dear community and @benohanlon,

because of my status as a new user I wasn't allowed post multiple uploads within one post, therefore I had to post them one by one. sorry for that!

I'm happy to hear your feedback and look forward to the decision!
thanks and best!


Hey guys. Here's an idea for a KIN logo. Wanted to get away from the Komodo logo a little while still maintaining some resemblance. Lighten the colors a bit. Feedback welcome.


Heyo, just curious if you have a deadline set on this? I'd like to submit a couple options.