CLOSED 5 KMD [GRAPHICS] a logo for KIN (Komodo Influencer Network)



It's still open @Wilms but going to come to a decision soon.


did you see my post on twitter? if not heres a second concept if allowed :):smiley:


First of my two options is a style that holds tightly to the Komodo brand and drives home the text KIN.


Can't click on that @Wilms - can you upload again?


I see that....not sure why the upload didn't work? standby


edit original post.
press enter after 'kin' then drag your file in might work :slight_smile:


And this second submission is a much more abstract idea.


@Wilms oooooooooooooooooh... I like this - let me share with our team and get feedback


I think you have may this one @wilms

Great job! Looks awesome!

:slight_smile: I'm so jealous why can't I be as good at design concepts aha


Thanks Brenny! :grin:


This is awesome!


@Wilms love your work and we're awarding you the bounty. We'd love to see you do more with us! Will be posting more bounties soon. Please join our Discord too and add me benohanlon#0001.

Also DM me your address so we can pay out.



P.S. @Wilms please DM me the graphical assets please. I esp want the eye versions. That's what we'll use - team loved it.


I had a private DM with a community member who rightly pointed out that the wording of my original bounty set the expectation that all contributions of good quality would be rewarded. I feel this is fair.

I would like to offer a 2 KMD reward to @Brenny @Iago and @anon01. Please DM requesting the payout with an address.