CLOSED 5 KMD [GRAPHICS] graphic for UTXO post




We need a graphic for our UTXO post, found here

It needs to be similar to this

5 KMD for a completed graphic that gets accepted and can be used for our post.


Same but with KMD values and looking better?

like this?


Hey Brenny! Thanks for this submission. I think we might be able to use it, if you can make a few small adjustments.

(1) Can you change the "100 KMD" on the left side of the graphic from vertical to horizontal to make it easier to read? And could you make it 1000 KMD rather than 100?

(2) Can you change the numbers to reflect Komodo's transaction fees of only 0.15%? So it should be as follows:


-- TX1: OUTPUT0=497 KMD


-- TX3: OUTPUT0=496 KMD

-- TX4: OUTPUT0=298 KMD

-- TX5: OUTPUT0=199 KMD

-- TX6: OUTPUT0=496 KMD

(3) These colors seem a bit off-brand to me. Specifically, the green of the TX boxes, the yellow of the borders, and the grey background. Could you try to change the shades of these colors a bit to fit Komodo's traditional color palette? My suggestion would be to make the boxes a darker green, the yellow more in line with the KMD logo, and then the background either white or light green.

I've attached some color samples to give you an idea of what I have in mind.

Just a quick disclaimer: I'm actually not a designer so feel free to use your creative judgment.

I would love to use this graphic if we can make these small adjustments! Thanks very much for your time and contributions.





Changes made, :slight_smile:

Edit: may have another little revision later if I get the chance


Another Slight Revision!


Perfect! This is a winner.

Thanks very much Brenny.


@Brenny I can give you a credit in the image's meta-description, if you'd like. What name/organization would you like credited?


No credit needed :slight_smile:


Great work @Brenny we're going to award you for this one. @Daniel confirmed he is happy. Please DM me your address.



Thought you might be excited to see it posted :slight_smile: