[Expired] Elon Twitter Bountie

Hello fellow crypto nerds and memelords!
This is your moment to to show what memes you are made off

!!!To try to get Elon to twit this!!!
KMD, AtomicDEX, or DogeDEX

If you mange to get him to say that ,
12/02/2021 the bounty is:
1528 KMD
199.99 jumblr

You fellow memer have to 3/3/21. To accomplish this task
if you fails us, the fund we be giving back to the original owner

Audo will be the escrow. Use this addy and this addy only


I will be updated every week for new balance


Thanks @hastrup_8742 & everyone about this! Great initiative.

I will also pledge some KMD towards this. I will send later.

The escrow address: RCTABkpF6tQ1X1vDHHyc8bzHgZb3Sd3GfL

I’ll return the KMD to the original address it was sent from if no one gets the bounty.


The bounty conditions expired so I will be returning the KMD now. Cheers!

We tried :crazy_face: Next time we will get him :sunglasses:

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