Export swap data from your AtomicDEX mobile application

You can follow this guide to export and backup your data (Swaps/Contacts/Notes) from AtomicDEX mobile in case you want to reinstall the app or use the app on another device. You may also be asked to export data of specific swaps to help debug/recover stuck trades in case of bugs.

In most cases, the data in an exported swap file can’t be used to maliciously steal funds from you. But, in specific circumstances, for example, when you are acting as a maker and the maker payment is yet to be refunded back to you, the taker of the swap CAN claim those coins if they have access to the data from the exported swap file. So, please take care to not share the file and its password publicly. You may only share the file and it’s password with a trusted person and only for the sake of debugging a swap or getting help with reclaiming coins stuck in a swap.

This process doesn’t backup your Seed words or Privkeys. You need to back them up separately.

  • Login to your app and tap the “More” button at the bottom right corner

  • Tap “Settings”

* And then "Export" on the next screen

  • Now select all the items you wish to export and set a password. Then, select the “Export” button. You will see a share dialog with all the available options.

  • Keep the file and the password safe if you wish to restore them later
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