How to Receive Funds in AtomicDEX Web

  1. In a new browser tab, open AtomicDEX Web and CREATE or IMPORT your wallet

  2. Log in to your wallet.

  3. You need to back up a seed phrase if you just created a new wallet. We want to make sure you will not miss your seep phrase and loos your assets.
    Your seed phrase is how you unlock your assets. Be sure to save this securely, and do not share it with anyone!

    You can receive funds as soon as you backed up your seed phrase.

  4. Open the “wallet” tab.

  5. Select any assets from your list, which you want to receive. You can activate more assets.

  6. Click the “Receive” button.

  7. On this page, you can see your address for this coin in text and QR code format. You can use this address to receive funds.