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Hush is a fork of ZCash (ZEC) running on zero-knowledge proof encryption, lead by Jonathan "Duke" Leto.

Hush is the first cryptocurrency offering zkSNARK (upstream Zcash 1.0.13 build), TLS (secure nodes), TOR nodes and bitcore making it the most secure and advanced privacy coin ever created!

Twitter @ MyHushTeam
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Hush is currently implementing KMD notarization to prevent consensus attacks, also known as 51% attacks. This will make Hush a front-runner in PoW coin security, as most are vulnerable to these attacks. With it's new Delayed Proof of Work protocol, Hush will be protected from attacks on the network. Hush-NG, the private encrypted messaging wallet is currently being packaged for ease of use by end users. Hush's Next Generation wallet will allow users of Hush to Speak and Transact Freely, and now more securely than ever!

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