ICO tokens missing


Hey guys, I am looking for some help here. Or at least an explanation of what happened.

So I participated in the original ICO of Komodo back in 2016. Here is the transaction on the blockchain 45a4e4bf0145d41bde568488fc5a2a6802c07575159e36697dbc1750dde08882. You can see I send 1BTC to 12EhDZVKhDbSPrYMmVmZQvukwzk7WdNFpF which then went to 35Rwwc9e2Mj7smFXJ1iXF826cMW3tqfz6x which I believe was the ICO address.

I registered my e-mail address with a password, got my 12-word phrase and my public address which is RFsHh2veMbXYxqWQh7JVf96NVPGLKF5aQN. The same address is being generated when I import my 12-word phrase into a Komodo wallet. But when I check the address like at kmdexplorer.io it show no balance or activity.

I can't figure out what happened? Did I not write down the right phrase? Was there a token swap? A protocol upgrade? Is there any place I can see the token distribution event? Is there a place I can login with your e-mail address?

I know there was a BTCD token swap but I was not part of that

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you,


It must be a wrong seed and a wrong public key...


So I found my printed backup right from the screen and it's the same 12-words. I wonder if I created a 2nd key pair. Anyone remember if that was possible?