iKomodo Community News Initial Discord Testers (Sept 15 2018)


site: https://beta.ikomodo.com/

When you sign up you are given "Author" role, so you can post. This will change when it goes live so there's minimal moderation or something.

Need testers for community news site. Everything will be erased and you don't actually sign up to any newsletters at this stage - so don't feel like you will get your pretty inbox spammed :slight_smile:

Please test this any number of times you want:

  1. Sign up
  2. Create a post
  3. Comment on other posts

Need to see:
a) posts in different sections
b) youtube link
c) comments to posts
d) image uploads (think there is a 2MB limit atm)

Feedback here please.
Site loading, any problems with signups, password resets etc.

Suggestions etc. welcome.
e.g. the categories are not finalized! nor the tag clouds at the bottom of the page etc.

This is the first step in some further playful experimentation with komodo tech and websites and whatever the imagination can bring.



The only sign-up I saw was for the newsletter, but nothing happened after signing up. Thought I would see something in my hotmail inbox, but nothing so far. When clicking on "subscribe" a new instance (new tab) of that page pops up.


Thanks yorklab. Newsletters not rigged up for anything.
Will put the "login" link in prominent location. Was a total oversight as I'd been used to the location in the footer :grimacing: