I'm new to your community, pls help!

I'm new to Komodo.

  1. I have been a miner for more than a year but I have been mining other coins.

I'm planning to mine Komodo.
I tested one mining pool, Luckpool.


it's ok so far.

Can you suggest a secondary mining pool?

  1. BarterDEX.

Where can I download the software?

Any suggestions?
Can you give me a link?

  1. Pirate Arrr mining pool and wallet?

Can you give me a link?

  1. I'm trying to install KomodoOcean QT wallet and it is taking sometime, it has been 16 hours and not fully synced yet, but I can understand bec it took me also a long time to synced to other networks like Zcash.

Can you suggest an easier or lighter wallet to use that can have Pirate wallet in it?

Can you send me a link for both Komodo and Pirate wallets?

  1. Can you suggest other blockchains or networks related to Komodo?