Junior Community Manager


Komodo is looking for a junior community manager to help with community building and operational aspects. In March, we launched a community involvement initiative, and we continuously look for passionate individuals who would like to work with Komodo. As a community manager, you would help us scale up our community initiative and find ways to improve all aspects of the Komodo community overall.

Community building is not marketing. Marketing efforts seek to push a brand message to a target audience, whereas community building is about building relationships and maintaining a supportive environment. A community manager talks with people and gets us all organized towards our common goals and purpose.

If you would like to work hard, get experience, and move towards your ambitions, this is an excellent opportunity. We are looking for people who can work independently and who would like to learn, try new things and experiment.

If you are interested, go ahead and schedule a call with me: Calendly - Audo Kowitz

I am happy to answer any questions below.


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