Komodo Active User Reward - All You Need to Know

Update: In March 2023, the Komodo community voted to reduce the KMD active user reward (AUR) from 5.1% to 0.01%. The reduction coincides with the scheduled Komodo network upgrade (dPoW Season 7 starts in mid-2023).

What is the 5% Active User Reward?

Any Komodo address holding an unspent transaction output (UTXO) of value greater than 10 KMD will begin earning a reward 1 hour after a transaction that creates the UTXO is mined if the lock time is set. To encourage active users, the rewards will stop accruing 1 month after a transaction. So claiming your reward at least once a month is recommended. If the reward is claimed at least once a month, the total reward adds up to 5.1% in a year.

This reward does not apply to funds held on most exchanges where you do not own the private key! This means that if you want to claim your 5% reward, you should transfer your KMD from an exchange wallet to your personal wallet.

Please don’t confuse this mechanism with Proof of Stake (PoS). You don’t have to be online or run a full node (native mode) to receive the reward. Komodo’s UTXOs accrue rewards based on UTXO value and nlocktime . Click here for more detailed technical information.

In simpler terms, the calculation of rewards depends on an optional value included in a transaction’s data, called nLockTime. Most wallets do not set this parameter. AtomicDEX and Verus Desktop does, and thanks to the work of Luke Childs, a Ledger device running the latest firmware also does. Generally, transactions from an exchange do not set nLockTime, so if you received funds from an exchange with nLockTime not set, rewards will not accrue. To overcome this, the easiest method is to send the funds to yourself from within any of the above mentioned wallets. When we say “send the funds to yourself”, it means from your address, to that same address.

How much is my reward?

You can check your accrued rewards at the following websites

A helpful rewards calculator is also available at Atomic Explorer

How do I claim the 5% Active User Reward?

  • You need to have a minimum of 10 Komodo in your address as a single UTXO that is about 60 blocks (~60 minutes) old.
  • If you have multiple UTXOs less than 10 KMD each, your address will not accrue rewards. To consolidate funds , you can send all funds to your own address.
  • Verify that LockTime for that transaction is set. You can verify this by searching the txid in a KMD explorer https://kmdexplorer.io.
  • Confirm that the LockTime value is set as a UNIX timestamp (Ex: 1545050262). You can translate the timestamp to local time using EpochConverter.

NOTE: Not all 3rd party wallets set locktime, and as a result, you may not accrue rewards while using them. If in doubt, send your balance to yourself using a supported wallet to set the LockTime.

Which wallets can I use?

Always make sure to use the latest releases. Please don’t use old versions, as they may not work and could be lacking essential features.

WARNING : If you store funds on an exchange and you don’t control your private keys you CANNOT claim the reward. Third-party wallets may also not support reward payment, check by sending your funds to yourself to confirm (this should trigger a reward payout event).

Additional guides are available at the links below

Important Info:

  • 3rd party hardware or software wallets may not support the Komodo 5% Active User Reward.
  • New KMD coins are rewarded to users when they make transactions. This includes either sending funds to others or yourself.
  • Rewards stop accruing after one month (unless a transaction is made).
  • The total rate is ~0.01% per year if done monthly or more often
  • Using Native Mode may send funds to a change address - make sure to backup your wallet.dat file and private key afterwards.

If you face any issues, please join us at the Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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I’m a bit mystified by the last part “Using Native Mode may send funds to a change address”. I got Komodo QT with a few coins, and tried claiming before the wallet was fully synced. I believe transactions are possible when the headers are synced, but I might be wrong. The wallet did flash an error, but eventually when everything was synced I was left with this mysterious transaction https://komodod.com/a/RA7eDyNsGWyZH71uaU6Za7qghuDUJad2yM . That address does not seem to be in my wallet, even though it feels very much like a change address, having only this transaction. That address seems to have taken a “tax” on my smaller UTXO, which I don’t remember what it was those 2.something KMD but according to what you’re all saying it could not have been reward, I’ve never had so many coins that would justify accumulating 2KMD in one monthly period.

My main address is of course RSk8b4bgZJt8v9TT7RmPTDAvtSy36XAbWg , and Atomic Explorer shows a negative value for my rewards right now, while another explorer simply says 0 rewards accumulated.

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The address RA7eDyNsGWyZH71uaU6Za7qghuDUJad2yM is most likely yours.

Dump privkey for the address following How to export your private keys from the Komodo Ocean Wallet and you will know for sure.

The reward you received was 0.29905991 KMD and not 2 KMD. The 2.34 KMD in the transaction were already present in your main address (RA7eDyNsGWyZH71uaU6Za7qghuDUJad2yM)

Please let me know if anything doesn’t make sense.

Wasn’t there a 10KMD UTXO limit for rewards? And, to reference the first sentence of my previous comment, why would it reward me in another address?

Yes. It is a 10 KMD minimum UTXO size requirement for rewards to start accumulating.

why would it reward me in another address?

The new address is called a “change address” and that is the default behavior of any native mode wallet like the Komodo Ocean Qt wallet. It somewhat increases your privacy as you won’t be using the same address for all transactions.

See https://support.bitpay.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003063823-What-is-a-bitcoin-change-address- and https://support.blockchain.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018566291-Change-addresses for an in-depth understanding of change addresses. Although the links mention BTC, the same applies to KMD.

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Thanks. That address does not seem to be in my account. Instead, my latest reward looks very similar, went to a “change address”, and is shown in listaddressgroupings:

Did you try to export private key of RA7eDyNsGWyZH71uaU6Za7qghuDUJad2yM ? Does it give you any error?

Yes, it was an error. I think now I understood the whole story. I now activated coin control and the rewards go where I was expecting them to be. The “mystery address” was indeed my change address in another wallet that I ignored, because I thought I wasn’t using it!

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