Komodo is NOT a platform!


What a shocking claim, right? Let me explain.

The Komodo tech has come a long way since the ICO was announced, and slowly we have realized that we might not be a platform after all.

What is a platform?

Many projects are building a platform: Ethereum, Waves, NXT, NEM, EOS, and so on.

What is it? I would loosely define it as a thing that you can gain access to so that you can build your product. Businesses develop their products on top of a platform. In other words, as a business, you would be relying on third-party infrastructure.

In the case of blockchain that infrastructure is public, i.e. public infrastructure. If you got 1000 businesses using the same blockchain - who makes the decision when a conflict arises?

On Komodo, you get a native blockchain, and its future is in your hands. There is no public infrastructure, and that is the crucial difference. Thus the businesses (like Blocnation) are not building on top of Komodo.

My experience when explaining Komodo Platform

Even we have been marketing ourselves like this: “...build on top of Komodo Platform”.

After telling you all this, it should come as no surprise that one of the most asked questions we receive at conferences is “how is it different from ethereum?”.

Perhaps we need to take an entirely different route to avoid all this confusion. For us to be successful, people need to understand what we have to offer without us giving them a 5-minute story.

What if we would say: “Komodo gives you a platform to build upon”. That is what almost every ICO is doing anyway; they are looking to build a platform of their own (i.e. for a sharing economy, or new social media platform).

What if the project isn't looking to build a platform? Even in that case, they will need to access some platform. We could say: “with Komodo, you can build your dApp on top of infrastructure you control."


I drew a picture to illustrate how we differ from most of the existing solution on the market.

I hope this makes things clear! Let me know.

P.S. I have a question to you: if Komodo is not a platform - then what is it? :slight_smile:


if Komodo is not a platform - then what is it?
A DApp Framework

Just my two cents