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June 2021
Komodo Thursday Townhall: New Academy Content
Komodo Thursday Townhall: Hard Fork Complete
Komodo Thursday Townhall: Update Your Komodo Daemon!
Discovering the Metaverse

May 2021
Our Tech Story
BEP-20 InstaList Feature Live on AtomicDEX
The Launch of GleecDEX

April 2021
More Resources For Community Building
BEP-20 Tokens Now On AtomicDEX!
Go Vote In the NN Election
Blockchain Education Initiative
Springing Forward With Komodo

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Komodo Thursday Townhall: New Academy Content

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Upbit Delisting Q&A Komodo Community Q&A | UpBit Listing - #2 by Audo_5667
Join our hangouts for more details & discussion and Komodo Half-Year Update on next Wednesday - June 30th Komodo June 2021📅 Half Year Update

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Satinder Grewal joined the stage right after the normal Komodo Thursday Townhall broadcast. Listen to what Satinder has been up to and the conversation that followed.