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Help us to improve the wireframe messaging.

Few disclaimers

This is part of a website content update, it is not the final rebrand.

  • Not the final version
  • Not proofread
  • Some parts are missing
  • Graphics are not final

Background info

We are considering to move towards describing Komodo as an architecture solutions provider. Instead of onboarding the businesses ourselves we will be relying on business service providers which will help projects get started on Komodo. The updated website messaging will reflect that.

Our primary target audience is businesses/enterprise and blockchain developers. Thus our focus is to make our benefits clear to them instead of the average user/investor. We will want to attract new projects into our ecosystem.

For the first time, we are looking to explain our architecture in detail and support it with diagrams. We consider this to be important as it showcases how our solutions are not empty promises and talk of a future vision. For the enterprise folks it will be necessary to see beyond the marketing talk, and talking about architecture validates our working tech.

We will also be releasing a technical roadmap along with the website update. However, that's not yet on this wireframe.

We are considering highlighting three solutions we provide today:

  1. Blockchain Starter Kit
  2. DEX backend & Atomic Swaps
  3. Security Service

Each of them would have a dedicated page that has a call-to-action to start using that solution.

Homepage Wireframe
Version 0.5

Blockchain Starter Kit Wireframe
Version 0.5


This is a great start. Looks professional and smart.

Great job! Im looking forward to seeing more!


That looks great!


Hey. It looks good. I share useful information for the future https://webcase.studio/blog/how-create-website-wireframes/