OPEN 1 - 25 KMD [OPEN MIC NIGHT] come up with an idea for your own bounty, execute on it and if the marketing team is pleased we will reward you.



This is a space for people who take action first. It's a chance to demonstrate your smart thinking, skill sets and talent. We're open to you using your initiative to further Komodo. You may want to write an article do an interview, get us some press or something we haven't even thought of yet.

Available bounties are between 1,2, 5, 10 and 25. Anything above that would have to be pretty exceptional. The bounties are awarded solely at the discretion of the marketing team.

Let us know what you need.

We reward innovators. We reward effort. Lazy questions about "will I get a bounty IF..." are likely not going to be responded to.


Bounty Ideas -
Facebook Awareness
Reward Komodo ambassadors. Start with an open bounty looking for the general public who are involved in facebook groups that are crypto related. Have potential ambassadors show which facebook pages they are involved in, and the number of audience in said pages.
Just like how you've been releasing the 5 pillars posts, you can have a section of the Komodo website dedicated to an infograph/blogpost similar to those written.
You could have the ambassadors copy and post up the content (Most people I've seen talk about Komodo on public groups is very shill-like, and gets lost in a lot of the other shillposts) to their facebook pages weekly, so you can be sure that your marketting material is not only hitting people already involved with Komodo, and having the reddit posts deleted within minutes, but will be spread to a very wide audience that it would not have reached previously. What I've noticed is that most groups promote people to admins for posting up proper information and posts. By getting the ambassadors to post the exact same content, across different groups, we'd get free weekly advertisement for a small fee, and it would hit a much wider target audience than just posting on crypto websites/reddit as many investors are only checking facebook, and hopefully they eventually get promoted to admin position, which gives even more trustworthiness when posting in groups. Possibly award a few kmd per post/week but ensure that the ambassadors are posting it to all the groups they mentioned with proof.

Community Artwork
Have a monthly community artwork competition. Whether paper mache komodo dragons, posters, drawings anything goes. Have 2 rewards, 1 for highest voted and 1 for komodos discretion. By having this, artists would most likely send their link to their friends to like and help them win, meaning more people would have to come across komodos website.

Youtube Bounty
By getting Komodo featured on a prominent channel, the person who recommended the coin to the youtube content creator would be rewarded an undisclosed amount of kmd for the connection

Guess the highest TX/S game
Livestream our main tx/s test on facebook live, and have anyone guess the highest number we will reach during the test. Closest guesser wins ___kmd. Also if the friend they tagged in the video was the closest, they would also be rewarded a % of kmd. This would encourage tagging of people in the video, and people to stick around. A few random Komodo airdrops similar to Chainzillas recent ones, so random viewers are rewarded with KMD. Makes more people stick around and raise live viewers numbers. Also make sure to have a team member sit there going through the comments and answering questions as well. Tx/s test could possibly have a lot of misinformation or trolls so having a knowledgable speaker would help dispell the fud as well as provide more information to those who are interested.
Can have some of us ask specific questions during the test, which are preplanned so you can answer some questions and give out some information or teasers on upcoming events on livestream.

Discord and Reddit Membership
Have an invite your friend week. When social media hits ___ followers, then random winners picked and rewarded with small sum of Kmd.

Mail drop day
Have people across the workforce drop a little note or letter to their office/workplace with Komodo on it.
"Komodo. We can help ____________" if workplace or interested parties message komodo, in relations to leveraging komodos blockchain technology to their workplace, mailbox dropper rewarded

Other -

Exchange Liquidity/Coin Listings
Though Komodo in a sense is competing with (or providing a better alternative) to CEX, as we know they are in some cases the better option depending on situation. To market ourselves and be listed on more exchanges, as well as provide liquidity to our BarterDEX, the Komodo team may choose to contact exchanges, and in exchange for listing our token, offer them the framework/help/backend for a dex? So for example by say Bitfinex to list us, we help them develop a decentralized branch of their dex, so they have a "Bitfinex DEX" , which would attract them more customers, and would also help us with our dex. This could possibly link a large number of CEX together, and make our dex one of the most liquid/used.

Run one of those cicada3301 or other crypto related puzzle games. Reward a big sum of kmd for successfully solving the puzzles. Release clues for 3 week, make it extremely difficult and requiring certain knowledge or skillsets. Could gain some attention and some skilled people who solve it, who may then be scouted out to see if they have talent which komodo could use, as well as free publicity

Not sure but just throwing some ideas out :joy:


Twitter Header! Looks better than current IMO but still very simple


I like the game idea, the highest tx/s idea etc...

One thing I'm not keen on is simply posting content or link dumping. I want people to put what Komodo is into their own words, to advocate, to create relationships with YouTubers like you said but to own that and to report back with either an interview or a result.

Bounties need to be focused on delivering actual outcomes (not ideas or delegating).

I like the idea of Facebook or online communities AMA though. What do you think? How would you really drill these bounties down so the work was getting done (not idea... not delegating... not 50%).


I like the idea, however, KMD logos and such will come down to @n2okpride decision as he is CMO. So realistically we're better creasting supporting graphics. It's content that our community may create and post.

Though I don't want to discourage you.


Ah ok understood. Thanks for the clarification Ben :slight_smile:

I have a little idea I will be working on over the next few days! Hopefully it works out


Howdy all!
My idea is to reach out to community influencers on the steemit platform and pay them bounties directly to
a. make organic posts to their followers, or
b. resteem other KIN or Komodo resources

This is a captive crypto-minded audience that allows for direct community engagement.

Perhaps a two tiered pay scale with one for those who post about the KIN directly to their blog and another for those who resteem other folks posts.

Judging posts by the amount of upvotes is not practical on this kind of platform though.

If this idea is one with legs, I will start posting profiles of potential community influencers from


Hi admin,
I have a Bounty idea, KOMODO could give away 25 $KMD! To win they simply join @kucoincom Listing Competition. On telegram they search @Voting_KuCoin_Bot and send a message, the bot will give them all the instructions they need automatically. #voteKomodo and comment screenshot on Twitter ... the winner gets 25 KMD :grin:.

I can draw the winner.
Let's recall that i already organized a Twitter giveaway & final draw for Utrum


Hello all.

A slightly different take on LilKomodos idea about community artwork: A weekly sketch group.

The purpose of this would be to experiment and have fun, create some focus around graphical contributions and maybe strike something usable in terms of spreading the good news of komodo. I feel like this could probably work without rewards.

But if rewards were offered, I would suggest that every honest submission should receive some sort of symbolic token, a slightly better reward for the best contribution (determined by vote or komodo team discretion or whatever) and a bonus reward if the submission is actually picked for something significant by the core team.

Only important requirement is a person to come up with a komodo related weekly topic.


I'd like to make the proposal of creating an infographic with basic information about the komodo ecosystem. infographics can be used in social media channels to share information and they are easy to read while it is also possible that they get shared by others, too. it takes less effort than watching a video and all important information is available on one view.

There are a lot of different graphics visible and most crypto projects make use of them, therefore komodo should also deliver and sum all infos up on a visually clean and branded graphic.

in case you approve the proposal I'd say that basic points like key elements should be discussed together to make sure that nothing is missing. after that I'll create the graphic that can be shared as soon as it is ready (within 2–3 days).

for this proposal I'm asking 55 KMD as the benefit of such an graphic is worth the investment. let me know if you are interested @Daniel and @benohanlon, after that I'll start the work.

thanks a lot


Hey dpe,

this idea sounds interesting but we cannot possibly approve the proposal before seeing the graphic. Also, the maximum bounty here is 25 KMD.

If you'd like to make an infographic and submit it, we would be more than happy to award a bounty if we feel a bounty is deserved. But we would need to see finished product first.

Otherwise, i don't think we'll be able to move forward with this one. We really can't determine whether or not an infographic is valuable until we see it.

Thanks for all your support and contributions!


@lago key thing is for you to make it happen and we could reward you... the open mic forum here is for ideas to be executed. I like it though!


@benohanlon I hear you. :slight_smile: So here then is my modest attempt at making it real:

If you think it has merit, feel free to spread the word.

And for any creative person in here: Consider joining! It might be fun.


thanks for the reply, I can understand your point and will see if it makes sense to start working without knowing of being rewarded. is there a paper or website that sums up all important facts you know of? that would be a great help in order to safe some time for preparation. thanks


the white paper is a good place to start ; )

You could also read through the blog on Komodo's website to get more familiar with our tech.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask!



yeah thanks, I checked the website and collected some key info.

I think what's possible and also would be a great benefit to advertise is to collect the data visible on your landingpage, all summed up with very short description. do you think that this is needed and wanted?

I'll see if I can do it today and send it in. thanks




Thanks for the submission! I really appreciate all the work you're putting in and think it's great that you're getting so involved on KIN.

However, I don't think we can use this one. It's just a bit too simple and straightforward to grab anyone's attention. The info is also all copy/pasted from the website so we don't really need to include this same info in an infographic (we can just send people to the website and they can learn all of this stuff on the landing page).

My advice for an infographic would be this: make it really eye-catching so people are drawn to it and include a few strong bullet points of info that make people want to learn more about Komodo. For instance, you might consider starting with the "5 pillars of blockchain" we wrote about recently on the Komodo blog (

I don't think an infographic actually needs to include a ton info (Komodo is a complex project) so it's probably a better strategy to make something that will inspire people to visit the website and learn more about us.

Thanks again @anon01


I'd also like to reiterate something Ben noted on a different post here on KIN, which is that this isn't meant to be a simple exchange of work for payment. If we just wanted to pay people to make graphics for us, we could easily find a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr or Upwork or another similar website.

Instead, we really want this to be about engaging with our community and finding people who support Komodo's vision and want to help us grow. The KMD we give out here is really just meant to be a token (pun intended) of our appreciation.

With that said, I do love how active you've been and want to say thanks again for all the great stuff you've been contributing. This might be a great opportunity for you to take some time to learn more about Komodo yourself!



interesting, I disagree with you on this one. image to post this graphic on telegram or twitter – I think that people click on the image and have a look (or just read it in timeline) but they won't open a link (what you mentioned) and read through the website. that being said repetition is important in order to gain interest.

I'm happy to share this graphic with you in case you change your mind and see use case for it. thanks