OPEN 1 - 25 KMD [OPEN MIC NIGHT] come up with an idea for your own bounty, execute on it and if the marketing team is pleased we will reward you.



@daniel, @benohanlon

alright, as I had the connected blocks already done I thought about a last idea that I want to share with you. It is pretty oldschool but on the other hand quite useful: a set of screensavers. this you could offer to the public or to the community to download and I think it is pretty nice for community members as well as for new people to get a visually interesting graphic that they can use on there computer while also having a connection to komodo.

I'm happy to hear your feedback and would be very thankful for a reward.


@anon01 @Daniel I think we could solve this by posting a bounty to create a swipe file of the best infographics in crypto, blockchain and fintech that people can find? If we have a swipefile like this it would be much easier to point to the kind of ideas we like.

Where do you think such a swipe file would sit best?



I'm not sure about the swipe file, but would appreciate feedback on the screensaver set. I'm looking forward to your response, thanks!


Hey guys, So I wanted to create something which any user(s) could share on multiple platforms to help grow the Influencer Network, It is a graphic that can be shared over and over again and again!

I feel I have kept to the Komodo branding well and have made use of the awesome KIN logo created by @Wilms (Possibly first time its been used :smiley: )

The logo in itself is eye catching enough to make a user second glance.
Bold font mean standing out from the green Komodo colours draws your eyes straight there and the white finishes the whole graphic in my opinion.
The abstract background with a slightly transparent green overlay gives a little dimension to the graphic.

Let me know what you guys think! Community feedback also appreciated :slight_smile:

p.s. My initial thought when creating this graphic was providing a way to promote KIN / Another idea may be in the works very soon too! (if multiple bounty submissions are allowed?)

@benohanlon @Daniel

I made use of this graphic in a medium post, please let me know if any amendments are needed (probably should have had one of you proof-read before posting :slight_smile:)


There's been a talk mainly about graphics, but would there be need for a sound logo for komodo which could be used in videos for example, what do you think? It could make people to remember more easily.


Hey @henkka I think you should just go for it and see how the team responds. Though from the responses previously I think this is more about marketing to people rather than graphivs/intros the team could use.

So for example a blog post. Video review or interview or something of that nature seems to be what they are looking for :slight_smile:

@Daniel or @benohanlon can confirm


Yeah aalright, thanks @Brenny for the reply and encouragement. Something like that I also had in mind. I just noticed that the team also has put up this public marketing board (found from this forum too) so seems they're open for some marketing ideas from us too. Seems it's not possible to upload sound files here though, so have to send them some other way then, if they'll be interested.


Anytime! Yup I think they are open to almost anything :slight_smile:

To transfer files try this

Many users here have used it to send files.


Ok, I put a link from google drive, so can be downloaded from there. Would there be any idea to this?

Edit: deleted the link


I can't really execute on this one but what if.

Find someone who does a long distance driving job. Wrap their vehicle with KOMODO branding. Watch people flock to find out more :joy:


We don't need a sound logo right now but it's a good idea for us to keep in mind. Thank you.


I really like this graphic and def can use it! Good work @Brenny. I'll award you 5 KMD. Please DM me with an addy.


as you replied to the prev posts of henkka and brenny but not mention the screensafer I submitted I guess you didn't noticed them? would be happy in case you wanna use them, just let me know. thanks! :blush:


They're pretty cool but not very cool. How could you turn this up to 11? What wallpaper do you have right now?


@benohanlon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

guess my english lacks to get the info. can you pls repeat your message with other words :rofl:

they are cool, but not cool? and how to turn it to 11? whaat? :upside_down_face:


Sorry @anon01 without thinking I was referencing an old joke / meme (this).

I'm simply saying it's a nice effort, however, we need to aim higher and for something better. It's got to pop if it's going to be a wallpaper.

I have been wanting to create a swipe file of great graphics we can all agree 'this is the benchmark or standard'. Infographics and art that are excellent. That's why I asked you what you think is really good yourself? What are the examples of excellence you see around you? There are so many ideas and sources out there it's worth doing a discovery stage to get ideas.

This one was nice but not a winner.


@Brenny I thought you'd like to see us using your graphic here...

twitter -
facebook -
linkedin -


Awesome! Thanks Ben. :slight_smile:


Hi !
Some infographics example from me!


i will be happy to representing KomodoPlatform on if you need made a Bounty,
their Platforms its really best choice right now, with short time Bounty, but made a Great impact for a Host.... :blush::blush::blush: