OPEN 1 - 25 KMD [OPEN MIC NIGHT] come up with an idea for your own bounty, execute on it and if the marketing team is pleased we will reward you.



The way from attraction to loyalty, " 1-attraction by being active in sociale medias and be more simple about the project we all know what's the potential of kmd but not all people understand it fully we need to make it more simple we can make a bounty quiz about kmd some questions about kmd for 10$ to help people learn and to be able to have those 10$ you will have to share articles logos about kmd into sociale médias in your own language
like facebook telegramme,reedit and steemit 2-loyalty the second step is by making the bounty an investment keep your kmd and you can get 2%interest monthly and when the first month 2% Come bang you have the loyal soldier that will enter into crypto forums discussion forums to défend défend kmd and his crypto views