OPEN 10 KMD [GRAPHICS] -- Five Bullet Friday graphic with CTA inviting people to sign-up so they don't miss out on the most important updates.



I want a pop-arty graphics inviting people to sign up to five bullet friday emails. This graphic will be used on twitter, facebook and LinkedIn and Reddit. It should have a white background.

If you want to see what pop art is like look here or alternatively the kind of GTA graphics you may see.

Make it pop! It should be clear. It should be obvious what we're asking them to do. You don't HAVE to use words but you may want to.


So... I am not very good at POP art Styling but had a go anyway image to follow. I would love feedback! (but please dont be too critical aha) - this graphic didnt even get to the point LOL!


I then had a shot at a simple design, i like to think i'm good at those! Not sure its what your after but im going to share it anyway, Feedback again is appreciated!

^ My thoughts on this are maybe a few colour changes, maybe you want something smaller/in your face sort of graphic :slight_smile:

P.S. I dont think i have yet said this but thank you guys for having this community hub/ network for users to create and add to a project. I have taken a few bounties home already - which is a surprise - and I am very grateful! So Thank you!


@brenny Turn the vertical five into a number 5.
Take out the green/yellow/orange circle and just have the background be red. I like that.

Lets see how that looks?


Sure. I will amend tomorrow and get back to you.

:slight_smile: thanks Ben!


Hey Ben! I made a few changes and a few new variations. let me know what you think please :slight_smile:

^ Round shapes removed and 'five' changed to numerical

^ Same as above but with plain red background

^ Obvious change in this is the text (probably my preferred design out of the 3/can change the screen BG to red)

I can again make any further adjustments if required, I know you asked for a red background in the screen area i can change the other designs to red backgrounds if wanted.

  • i would also need to amend the sizing if any would be used to prevent the large white space above an below the graphic. (make more of a banner size, just to reduce that large space between text)

EDIT: Made a quick change in graphic size

Better size for input between text and screen BG now red!


This is cool @Brenny. Let me see what the team thinks. I like it.


@Brenny could you try some diff fonts please? I think monseratt or roboto are good alternatives. Also our team requests the red background on the screen be Komodo yellow.


Sure Ben! Will be updated in about 2-3hrs :slight_smile:


Hey Ben! i made versions with the fonts you suggested and 1 personal fave. let me know what you guys think :smiley:





Hey @Brenny the Komodo logo has to be exactly as you would have it on the website (see the logo pack

I like the 'bullet fridays' font that's on this.

How about trying the 5 out in the same dark green that the KOMODO has but keep the gilding on the 'bullet fridays'.

I'd love to use this ASAP if we can get it right.


Ok Ben! That's great feedback. As soon as I'm back home I will make the changes and I will get back to you asap. :smiley:


Hi !
My wife creates some thing for Komodo.
Please look if this may help.


Hi !
And another one


And this


Here we go, hope these are what you want :slight_smile:


This one could be cool if more work was put in. It would need to be scaled for twitter and of better quality. I can see a nice idea in this but it isn't up to a standard we could use yet. Needs more polish.


Actually good work here @brenny I'm going to award you this and use today and for the future. Can you email me raw files or via gdrive. Thanks.


Thankyou. We will work on it.


Updated version 1