OPEN 25 KMD [GRAPHICS] a set of four AMA graphics to be used for monthly Reddit / Discord AMAs



I'd like to schedule one AMA a week... so about four a month. We'd break them up into an AMA with devsec, marketing, support and JL777. The AMAs would be regular and we'd use these graphics repeatedly, however, it ought to be a template where we could add a few bullet points each time (i.e. I could upload to canva and easily put in some text).

10 KMD for each set of AMAs that are accepted. If we get a number of good ones we may alternate. If your set of AMA isn't accepted then there will be no bounty paid. Decision to be made by benohanlon.



Hi benohaIon,

Here is our submission for the AMA graphics. Really enjoyed making them.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Regards, D'Creative


This is a good start. However one thing I'd like to see is it being clear what each week is.

  • Week 1 is DevSec. Needs to clearly show it's about the dev and security side of KMD.
  • Week 2 is Marketing. Needs to clearly show it's about marketing and the community.
  • Week 3 is Support. Needs to clearly show it's about listening to our community and fixing issues.
  • Week 4 is JL777. Needs to be clear he is the founder, a prolific anon dev and it's a fireside chat with him.

If you could give it another swing that would be great @D_Creative. It's likely we can then use this and award the bounty.


Got it.

We were looking forward to only work on the images for you to add the text you want to exactly transmit.

The images were picked according to the weekly topic.

We'll review and work on it.


Hi there,

The adjustments were made according to your feedback and our review. It is more specific now.

There is also space for the bullet points you want to add :slight_smile:



Hi benohaIon

We are open to your feedback.

Please let us know what you think.

Best regards, Crypto_D'Creative


hello @benohanlon,

this is my submit for the bounty. You'll find two proposals: 01 is green only in the background while proposal 2 is making use of different colors for each slide.

The colors and fonts that are used are based on the Komodo Styleguide, therefore the slides matches the branding while leaving enough space for you to add text in the area on the right.

The proposal is a clean design that makes use of the current Komodo branding, so that the viewer recognizes immediately what it is about without getting a visual overload –> keep it simple!

I'm looking forward to your response,
thanks and best.


Thank you for your efforts @D_Creative @anon01 I went through these submissions with @n2okpride and the team. We still don't have a set of AMAs that we feel are right. If you look at the KIN logo winner.. that was very good. We'd like to see that level of creative thinking going into this. While I liked what we had here the team needs to reach consensus.

For that reason this bounty will remain open for now.


Here's a little set of AMA graphics i cooked up, i can make adjustments if the design is right but wording needing corrected. Check them out and let me know :slight_smile:


hello @benohanlon, this is another proposal making use of 3D-elements in the background. these shapes communicate a grid that symbols the connected community while making use of different shapes for each week.

I'm looking forward to your response, thanks a lot!


@anon01 I like where you're going with this fractal feel, it's nice. I think it needs to be more aligned with blockchain. The last one 4 is especially good (like the spike).

  • I'd also in the past discussed how Komodo is like a huge ecosystem, like a waterlily with pads (projects) stretching out over the water and the tendrils/stems underneath (tech) linking it all together.
  • Or like how mushrooms are huge organisms under the ground (tech) and you only see the actual mushrooms sprouting out (projects).
  • The fractal stuff is really nice... could we use that to do more than just be abstract? Could fractal be used to communicate or illustrate (like those sketches which are lines etc...)

Can we communicate the ecosystem with fractals?

@D_Creative @anon01 @Wilms @Brenny @n2okpride @Daniel your feedback would be good.


I really appreciate your feedback but also have the feeling that what you are asking for is not possible for a reward of 10 KMD what equals roughly $15 (I know, you expect it to be more very soon but that's not fair in respect to the time users invest right now).

No offense, but I think that the ones that were sent in are in line with what you offer. I'm happy to adjust what already exists but developing a 3D model based on your keywords is far beyond $15.

I'm looking forward to your feedback, thanks!


Hi @anon01 - the purpose of this community isn't to match fiat wages. It's a sandbox to spot talent and to encourage people who want to support and get involved with Komodo to do that in a constructive way. I do understand that you may not want to spend more time on this which is fair enough. However, what I want to be clear about is we're not trying to match fiat wages with time. If you believe $KMD will rise and you're interested in contributing to the project then this is a great place to do it. The marketing team is watching all contributions.


Ooh I love the idea of waterlillies or mushrooms. This makes lots of sense.

I will have a look at the produced graphics too I'm on phone at the moment.

Regarding the awards for the bounties I also feel these are inline with what is wanted.

Community members to produce what they think and contribute to KMD
I also agree there was no need for a payment in line with fiat wages because if such was going to be done then KOMODO would employ a pro designer for all these little projects :slight_smile:

  • I'm not hating on any other community members views or trying to cause any hostility


I can offer a variation of different connected blocks for each background. in case you like it I'll add type + branding (background works best in neutral colors + type will be komodo green+orange).

what do you guys think? thanks


for example: more bold-like type and space to add in the footer part.
what do you think? if you like it, I'd prepare three different backgrounds that slightly change in look (like positions of blocks and numbers of lines)


I'm liking that look!

Not sure if there needs to be space for some bullet points maybe on the right hand side.
(Could move 'ama week 1' and 'development & Security' to the left a little maybe)

I as a community member do like it, lets see what Ben and the team think!


thank you for the feedback, I do also think that this one might work in terms of communicating blockchain while also being komodo branded and easy to read. let's see what @Daniel and @benohanlon have to say – or other community members, too!


@benohanlon have you checked the recent proposal? if you did, please let me know what you think so that I'll prepare the other slides as well in case you like it. thanks a lot



can you let me know if you like the proposal or if you wait for another one to enter? in case you like it I'll prepare the other ones for week 2–4, too.

I think they work great, especially with the matching look of the screensaver set I proposed in the open mic bounty. hope you like both proposals, would be great!