OPEN 25 KMD [GRAPHICS] a set of four AMA graphics to be used for monthly Reddit / Discord AMAs




hello, I'm asking if you can give a feedback to the latest submitted proposal. bc if you like it I could prepare the other graphics today as I have some time left. in case you would like to have the colors adjusted or font changes please let me know.

in case that you are waiting for a better fit that's fine but please let me know. thanks a lot!


Hi @anon01. Sorry for the belated reply. I have been exploring ideas and will come back soon. I like the AMAs you've done with the fractals, however, I haven't felt what we've seen is strong enough because we can do something similar with canva.

I'm going to raise the amount for this this bounty and keep it open because I want to see something that communicates what's happening and when and for it to feel high qual.

  • I'd like people responding to this bounty to look at good examples
  • consider making it one graphic
  • in that graphic we would have the four AMAs with the dates (maybe blocks) so it's easy to see what's happening when
  • also have an idea you could ask questions with #ASKkomodo hashtag and collet those questions to create discussion guides when that month comes up
  • the departments for amas may be devsec, marcomms, support, jl777 and notary nodes.

I'll raise this to 25 KMD.


Is this still open?


No this is closed.