Part Time Komodo Community Coordinator (Discord)

About Komodo

Komodo is a community-focused technology workshop that provides the resources and infrastructure required to build independent blockchains and cross-protocol financial applications.


The Komodo Platform is looking for a part time (20 hours/week) Community Coordinator who knows Komodo’s technology and has strong people skills. Previous experience working with communities is preferred but not mandatory.


  • Leverage our discord channels for enganging with users and build a user testing community.
  • Work with other Komodo teams (QA, Marketing, Development…) to define test’s goals and strategies
  • Coordinate and lead such user test community/network to work towards the defined goals


  • Experience managing a Discord server and using Discord bots is essential.
  • Hands on proeficiency on Komodo technology
  • Fluent in English
  • Previous experience in QA
  • Independent personality and proactive character
  • Ability to work collaboratively & communicate effectively with other team members and management
  • Ability to work effectively in a very fast paced environment with dynamic priorities & limited specifications in a rapidly-evolving industry
  • Expertise in test-driven development would be a plus
  • User experience in other blockchains preferred but not required
  • Previous experience growing a Discord server community with proven grow strategies and results reference numbers are highly valued
  • 20 hours/week


  • Up to 1.2k / month (20 hours/week) depending on experience and performance)
  • Work remotely with individualized time management
  • Option to use rented hardware/devices as well as HQ Servers
  • Opportunities to travel and work in various locations with other Komodo team members
  • Opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art blockchain

Apply by email to

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I have applied. Thank you for the opportunity!

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I would like to terminate my application as I don’t bring enough to the Komodo table to justify making that amount for little to no work. I refer @cryptosammy of Komodo Discord and creator of Lore of the Tokels to take this position as I am not fit to be of any help or service.