Rewards have ceased - QT Ocean v0.7.2-beta2 64bit

Hello, I upgraded a couple of weeks ago, and the rewards were working as normal, I recently emptied the wallet and then refilled it again for rewards, but I now do not see any rewards, I have well over 10 KMD and the wallet is fully synched. Any ideas? Thank you again in advance.

For rewards to accrue, the UTXO must have locktime set - which other wallets / exchanges might not do when they send funds. So depending on how you refilled the wallet after emptying it, this is likely the problem. To resolve it, you can just send your wallet balance to your own wallet receive address (or send it to an Atomicdex wallet address and then back to Qt Ocean.

Check this guide for more info - Komodo 5% Active User Reward - All You Need to Know

Thank you, but this was one of the first links I’ve seen and it doesn’t help me. Also, there is not locktime to confirm. I still am not receiving any more rewards

Yes I had already sent it back to my Wallet address as well, all I see is the fee trasaction.

so, when I look at my wallet balance in QT, I see it in full, I see the transaction on my wallet that I sent funds back to me, but when I check the explorer, I see another address that my funds went to ( which seems to be mine) and I see the full balance there, and on dexstats, I see rewards allocated to that address, but on the wallet itself, that address and the rewards are not there

OK, I was just about to send to myself again via an “Reused Address”, I didnt do this, but when i look back at my wallet, all of a sudden the rewards just started appearing, I didnt seem to do anything and its there now, strange, also I dont see any locktime field in explorer.

The locktime field is not commonly shown on explorers, but visible in the raw transaction data.
Using a native wallet like Ocean, generally the change from transactions will go to a new change address.

You can check if locktime was set via the debug console in Ocean.

Enter the command

getrawtransaction b071d77b596cf11e88c78de6a6f469b59072d841435f6971d0c6c50c451f42ee 1

Replacing your transaction ID with the one above.
In the output, you will see something like

  "hex": "0400008085202f890195a88a8aaa77bdebf95e5d338228cf59cf4f1157d7d9d32c35e14ed13f15ee6b010000006a47304402206e3d5cf13458fad094c716592be148cf839455c3f7ab7c214148ce6c96369f7b02203ef908412c803a66b766ab4418f1a798ba1b5d4072147f6f2292dc53954ef66c01210380b113873694ab64a647faf2dd95aea611a56f311e37d790b55acd3a5bf5f0bcffffffff016dbb975a480700001976a914dc082052ff64c20655c84952bf2dfa5946d5de5688acf01cd662000000000000000000000000000000",
  "txid": "b071d77b596cf11e88c78de6a6f469b59072d841435f6971d0c6c50c451f42ee",
  "overwintered": true,
  "version": 4,
  "last_notarized_height": 2995880,
  "versiongroupid": "892f2085",
  "locktime": 1658199280,
  "expiryheight": 0,
  "vin": [
      "txid": "6bee153fd14ee1352cd3d9d757114fcf59cf2882335d5ef9ebbd77aa8a8aa895",
      "vout": 1,
      "address": "RVLcULmYp2S9W8cKzCmxdnDzqBNKv6xujD",
      "scriptSig": {
        "asm": "304402206e3d5cf13458fad094c716592be148cf839455c3f7ab7c214148ce6c96369f7b02203ef908412c803a66b766ab4418f1a798ba1b5d4072147f6f2292dc53954ef66c[ALL] 0380b113873694ab64a647faf2dd95aea611a56f311e37d790b55acd3a5bf5f0bc",
        "hex": "47304402206e3d5cf13458fad094c716592be148cf839455c3f7ab7c214148ce6c96369f7b02203ef908412c803a66b766ab4418f1a798ba1b5d4072147f6f2292dc53954ef66c01210380b113873694ab64a647faf2dd95aea611a56f311e37d790b55acd3a5bf5f0bc"
      "sequence": 4294967295
  "vout": [
      "value": 80073.38933101,
      "interest": 0.92169693,
      "valueSat": 8007338933101,
      "n": 0,
      "scriptPubKey": {
        "asm": "OP_DUP OP_HASH160 dc082052ff64c20655c84952bf2dfa5946d5de56 OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG",
        "hex": "76a914dc082052ff64c20655c84952bf2dfa5946d5de5688ac",
        "reqSigs": 1,
        "type": "pubkeyhash",
        "addresses": [
  "vjoinsplit": [
  "valueBalance": 0.00000000,
  "vShieldedSpend": [
  "vShieldedOutput": [
  "blockhash": "04957edf9d08e8a0dd815ce0e1854b38499bb550dfd88b83d4b7619463bc2548",
  "height": 2995729,
  "confirmations": 169,
  "rawconfirmations": 169,
  "time": 1658199781,
  "blocktime": 1658199781

Note, the locktime value. It is an epoch timestamp which you can convert to human time at

If you see "locktime": 0 in the response, the locktime is not set. Send funds to your own address from within Ocean or AtomicDEX, and then check the rawtransaction output for the resulting txid - you should now see locktime set.

Once locktime is set, you should see rewards begin to accrue an hour later.

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Great, so I Accidentally fixed this, I posted this tread after I noticed that I still didn’t see a reward after I sent the balance to a new address within Ocean. Thanks for the info regarding locktime, very handy.