Signing a Message to Verify Address Ownership in KomodoOcean

To prove ownership of an address without exposing your private keys, you can sign a message with your private key. By sending the signature, message and public address to be confirmed, someone else can verify the message and confirm you own the address.

If needed, import your private key via the debug window -

Go to the Console tab, and enter the command


importprivkey <your private key>

Then wait for the rescan to complete


Now you can sign a message with the imported address

Signing a message with your address

Open KomodoOcean, and select Sign message… under the File menu

  • Select or paste one of your wallet addresses in to the top text box (if you are confirming an address which is not in your Komodo Ocean wallet, you will need to import it into your wallet first)

  • Enter a message. This can be anything you’d like, but you’ll need to send it to the person asking to verify your address.

  • Click the Sign message button to generate the signature.

If the address entered is not in your wallet.dat, you will get see the error message in the image below:

To prove ownership of the address, send the following to whoever is requesting confirmation:

  • Public address

  • Message

  • Signature

WARNING : Anyone you send the above information will be able to pretend they own the address by sending the information to someone else. Though they will not have access to funds in the address, it is still recommended to not reuse addresses.

Verifying the Message and Address

After receiving an address, message and signature from someone, you can verify it through the “Verify message” tab under the File menu.

Enter the information as indicated in the image below.

If everything is correct, you’ll seed " Message verified ", which confirms the address was used to sign the message. If any fields are incorrect. you’ll see one of the error messages in the images below.

Incorrect address

Incorrect Message or Signature