Solidity / Golang Developer

About Komodo

Komodo is a community-focused technology workshop that provides the resources and infrastructure required to build independent blockchains and cross-protocol financial applications. AtomicDEX emerged from the Komodo workshop as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and non-custodial, multi-coin wallet that uses atomic swap technology. This allows users to trade peer-to-peer without ever giving up custody of digital assets to intermediaries. (thanks to you)


The Komodo team is looking for a trustworthy and proactive Solidity developer with a Golang Engineer background, experience in blockchain and distributed systems. You will be expected to contribute to your team’s success through consistent, high-quality code with an appetite for learning.


  • 1+ years experience in Solidity smart contract development
  • Fluency in Golang with 2+ years of production-level software engineering
  • Effective usage of Golang debugging tools
  • Knowledge of EVM, smart contract design patterns, and security best practices
  • Experience writing comprehensive test suites for smart contracts and deploying smart contracts on Ethereum/EVM chains
  • Advanced knowledge of Git and GitHub
  • English (written and verbal)

Nice to have

  • Experience working with Docker and/or Kubernetes
  • Experience working with any public cloud service (eg. AWS, Azure or GCP)
  • Founder / startup experience
  • Experience using Solidity security testing tools (e.g. Slither, Echidna, Mithril)


  • Competitive salary
  • Work remotely with individualized time management
  • Bonus payments and IT hardware upgrades upon reaching major milestones
  • Option to use rented hardware/devices as well as HQ Servers
  • Option to travel and work in various locations with other Komodo team members
  • Opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art blockchain technologies

Apply by email to