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To grow awareness about the Komodo universe – and bring content and communications in line with the decentralized structure of our ecosystem – by propagating quality content across diverse channels via diverse media by influencers. Let's define an influencer as someone who is capable of action and competent in their field (i.e. creative or writer or anyone who can craft a message that reaches other communities).

As we move away from a premier partner model towards decentralized ICOs and dAPPs, we'll see BaaS providers onboarding projects onto Komodo. How will they find reputable and quality marketing? The vision is a decentralized community motivated by wanting to help Komodo's ecosystem, incentivised by the bounties and recognised with status.

This will put all future projects inside and outside of the Komodo team in a position where they can post bounties and get work done quickly. It'll also provide a place where creators from other communities can be invited to come in and work, and in the process get educated about Komodo and earn some $KMD and become advocates themselves.

Ultimate success would be a healthy resource for all crypto projects to outsource content when needed (even if they're not Komodo).

By creating a ‘Brief & Bounty’ platform on Discourse.

To attract action-oriented creatives in blockchain space and provide a one-stop content-generating hub for Komodo and our partners.

Modus operandi

• Hand-pick influencers and invite them to a dedicated platform on Discourse.

• Set weekly content creation tasks i.e. blogs, graphics, newsjacking, YouTube interviews, research.

• Communicate tasks via the ‘Brief & Bounty’ platform and an exclusive Komodo Influencers newsflash.

• Incentivise with bounty rewards vis-à-vis expertise and time involved: 1, 5, 10 or 25 KMD per task*.

• An extra monthly reward for best performer for further incentivisation.

• Extend an invite to the wider Komodo community to apply to be an influencer via Five Bullet Fridays (think: simple application form and sample(s) of work).

• Invite Komodo partners and projects to use the platform for marketing their own projects – issuing rewards in KMD. NB: 10% of bounty goes towards maintaining the platform.

Initial weekly evaluation to address any issues, tweak strategy, generate ideas, design scale-up – and monitor the quality. Quality not up to scratch? Influencer given opportunity to rework. Still no good? Kill-fee issued (25% of KMD bounty).

CLOSED 1 KMD - 2KMD per post [FACEBOOK GROUP OUTREACH] write a post inviting people to the KIN community and share it in the Facebook groups you're a part of. Bounty rewarded for good explanations and advocating. You will not be rewarded for link dumping.

I think it's a interesting idea, and I hope that talent will jump on the opportunity to work for the betterment of the Komodo ecosystem. I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for tasks I might solve for KMD, if this becomes a reality.


I love the idea. I say you make an asset chain just for this. You could post volunteer bounties at first but give the asset coin as a recognition of the work put in. Having a bunch of the asset would also give people more credibility when they apply for later bounties that are payed. It would also be a good way to get people involved. Hey best comment to my post gets so many asset coins. People could reach out to others and ask them to do small things and offer the asset chain coin as a thank you. Then you can tell them about the community.


Also if people complain about marketing we can tell them that there is a place they can go to help out.


And I think you can do it both ways. Save certain tasks for trusted contributers and have some tasks that are a free for all. It is a way for people to gain trust and build their knowledge and skills. You could had out asset coins to the participants but KMD to the winner.