Upgrade to v0.3.1 failing on Android

When I open the AtomicDeFI (AtomicDex) Android app (v0.2.9), it prompts me to update to v0.3.1. When I click on the Update button, Google Play starts to open but gets stuck “thinking” indefinitely. Previously when it prompted me to upgrade to v0.3.0, I also ran into this issue but had the option to postpone upgrading. This option has gone away, so now I cannot access my wallet. Could someone let me know how to resolve the update issue, or alternatively, how to obtain the private key for the wallet from internal storage so that I can access the funds another way? FWIW I am registered in the beta program.

If you have your seed words backed up, you can use them to restore your wallet on the AtomicDEX desktop: https://github.com/KomodoPlatform/atomicDEX-Desktop/releases/tag/0.3.1-beta

Funds are accessible again, thanks! I feared I had somehow failed to back up my seed – turns out I just hid it so well from prying eyes that it took me several days to determine its location myself. And I only generated that backup less than a month ago! :sweat_smile:

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