Audo, long-term community member and chief community officer


I want to welcome everyone to post their introduction for the forum if you feel like it! It is great to hear from other people and who they are.

Within the marketing team, we are looking to integrate more into our community week by week. We are open to ideas and suggestions.

The current job I hold was initially opened to me through community involvement, and I would like it to be possible for anyone to do the same. Many of our team members came from the community.

There will be a lot of chances to join the action. We are figuring out what those all could be and how to get there. Our approach is to keep the goal in mind and make multiple small steps towards it. We do have some bigger ideas that we are considering to empower everyone better. We will get to those when the time comes. :slight_smile:

Little about me

I was studying in a university when I realized that I wasn’t interested in that nor a corporate job. I began reading a lot and tried to figure out what I want. Soon after that, I found out about Bitcoin and loved the idea of money that no single entity controls.

I have always been a lurker rather than an active participant. When I joined the SuperNET/Komodo community, it was the first community where I got more involved.

That was a great decision as it led me on a path to learn more. I am grateful to the Komodo team & community for the chance that I got, and since then, I have kept learning and been involved in numerous things along the way.

I look forward to getting to know more people in our community, and I hope this forum will prove itself over time – and that, in the end, it makes our community stronger and tighter.

Cheers & welcome, :clinking_glasses:


Cheerssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :innocent: