Bip44 Derivation Paths

I’ve been trying to import a seed previously used in code that I wrote. The seed is accepted, but the receive addresses are not as expected, and my balances are not visible.

For the sake of this post, I’ve created a fresh wallet called Dante … using the seed "abandon"x11 “about”. ( This is a field of zeros, plus the checksum ).

Again, the receive address is not as expected.

My code, using this key, produces a receive address of 1JoP2wkKLTHk6GR1oUsVc7hJU1AXaTLLH7
Coinomi gives me the same.

But atomicDex gives me: 17152DKcnwezgnRjvmkERPkuXA8FnWicRs

I’m using a derivation path of “m/44’/0’/0’/0/0”.

I am not finding an obvious way to find the derivation path from atomicDex.

Any suggestions?

Hello! the current versions of GUIs available for AtomicDEX use a custom derivation method for seed words → privkey → address generation for all the coins.

To use your bip44 wallet with atomicdex, derive kmd privkey(wif) from it and use the privkey to restore the wallet on atomicdex. to do this select the “allow custom seed” option while restoring the wallet and use wif in the field for seed

Please reply if there are any more questions or if anything isn’t clear

Thanks for the response! there is a hell of a lot of information to absorb!

I would be interested in picking your brain some more, if I may. I’m a software developer, and I’m slowly but surely learning about the nitty gritty of crypto.

I guess the first question is, how to derive the wif key. I have not looked into that too much as of yet.

WIF is IIRC Wallet Interchange format. Does it contain extra information like derivation paths? I seem to rember their being a few bytes of information added as it was derived, but I don’t think there was very much. Also, you specify a kdm wif … is that different than the WIF which was explained in the Mastering Bitcoin book?

I don’t think I have a wallet that will generate it for me, so I’ll probably ge doing it in javascript or with libbitcoin/bx. And the libbitcoin people don’t seem to be really down with altcoins. :frowning:

I guess the other question I have for you is this: do you know why they did not choose to implement he usual bip44 derivations? Were there technical issues in the spec that made it unworkable?

I guess the other question is, when I generate the wif key, am I generating it for the “m” node, or for each particular coin? I seem to recall that WIF came before hd wallets, and I think I have mostly seen them discussed in the context of single-coin wallets. So will I need to do this for each coin? Or can I generate one and us it as a HD key?

Sorry about my limited knowledge.

Ok, one more thing … what should I be reading to learn this kind of thing? Is it only in the source code, or are their good educational sites for alt-coins and HD wallets?

Hi! sorry for the delayed reply. But, here are some resources that explain all of this
mnemonic - seed: Mnemonic Seed - A simple explanation of BIP39.
Derivation Paths
privkey: Private Key
wif: WIF Private Key (version byte differs between different crypto coins)