Ca333 Interviewed By DeFi Slate | July 2022

This was such a great interview by ca333! Here I summarized the main points that I thought everyone should hear. There was much more info, so be sure to listen to the full interview.

:point_right: The Komodo project has survived a long time and is still building. However, some of the community has been frustrated as it seems all focus shifted away from KMD to AtomicDEX. We are 100% behind the long-term KMD holders and supporters. We are working on making KMD a pure utility token of the DEX network through a buyback and burn program.

:point_right: Komodo has been ahead of its time. All the different protocols that have been popping up in recent years now require an infrastructure to unite them. We need more standardization within the blockchain industry.

:point_right: We are working on creating ERC20 swap contracts that will turn AtomicDEX into a hybrid model that uses both AMM and orderbook-based tech. This will make it more efficient to trade within a single protocol/ecosystem. Yet, unlike other DEX products, we can also bridge to different protocols.

:point_right: We are working towards a full Cosmos ecosystem integration.

Enjoyed the trip down memory lane when nxt & supernet was a thing and glad to see how Kadam’s journey has manifested in the next generation of p2p token exchange.

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Yeah, NXT forum was the thing that really pulled me into crypto, and then to SuperNET and Komodo :slight_smile:

We are still very much working towards the vision of SuperNET - of uniting blockchains together. jl777 believed blockchain projects should work more together and that the future will be multi-chain… and we are getting there.

Welcome to the forum!

Komodo 6th birthday celebratory update today really connects the dots of this historical, ground-breaking project. Congrats to the entire Komodo Team!

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