Cannot take a BNB sell order

I’m trying to sell LTC to buy BNB.
I’m using the Android app.
When I take an order greater than the minimum BNB order size, I am stopped with a message that says, “BNB balance not sufficient to pay transaction fees.”

So it seems that to acquire BNB, I have to already have BNB. Because I don’t have it, I’m stopped from buying BNB. Which doesn’t sound to me the way an exchange should work. If I had it, I wouldn’t need it.

I think its ok to share this:

mm trade_preimage] HTTP 500: Could not assert 200 in response. rpc:215] dispatcher_legacy:141] dispatcher_legacy:158] maker_swap:2245] check_balance:115] Not enough BNB for swap: available 0, required at least 0.0006, locked by swaps Some(BigDecimal(“0”))

Am I doing something wrong or is there a way around this?

Hi! yes, currently you do need to hold some BNB already to pay gas fees even if you are trying to buy BNB. There is a service maintained by a community member that will help you get that initial BNB for gas fees: Please read the instructions carefully and buy a small amount