Cosmoverse Conference | September 26-28, 2022 🇨🇴

We are going to Cosmoverse @ September 26-28, 2022 :colombia:

We are flying our team to Medellín, Colombia, to attend the biggest Cosmos ecosystem event of 2022. Our hackers @ca333, @TonyL, and @PTYX will be on the ground for the entire event duration.

Our main event participation goals are further networking and AtomicDEX pitching. In addition, we have prepared an AtomicDEX Cosmos integration demo.

For the first time, we are revealing how we have worked towards a full Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) support and natively bridge Cosmos & ATOM to the entire blockchain multiverse. The protocol agnostic architecture and other security related features of AtomicDEX, such as hardware wallet support and CEX ratio index, provide massive value for the entire blockchain industry – and it’s time to let the “cosmos” know about it! :rocket:

:point_right: Learn more about the event at

Our news about how we have integrated Cosmos to AtomicDEX has been picked up by Cryptoslate: Komodo's AtomicDEX bridge will now connect Cosmos to hundreds of blockchains


AtomicDEX uses P2P cross-chain atomic swaps, removing the security threats associated with centralized liquidity pools, AMMs, and complex smart contracts. Its current iteration supports 10,000 swaps per minute and is able to scale upwards if necessary. The AtomicDEX P2P network enables users to hold both the native ATOM token and its wrapped versions to trade natively cross-chain.

@ca333 is quoted saying:

“While I was trying to trade BTC for ATOM, the only options were to use centralized exchanges, so it was a natural fit and personal need to expand interoperability between more chains and Cosmos. AtomicDEX is compatible with 99% of cryptocurrencies in existence and offers the widest cross-chain, cross-protocol trading support in the industry.”

Interview With Benzinga

The article got a spot-on conclusion:

If the future is multi-chain, then Komodo and AtomicDEX have cemented themselves at the forefront of the revolution

Few highlights of what CA said in the interview:

  • “Anything that has value and a digital representation could be swapped on AtomicDEX in the future.”
  • "Our team is currently implementing Kepler and Metamask authentication capabilities. The end user should be able to use the technology without needing to go a predefined path. Instead, they can use what they’re comfortable with.”
  • “[W]e don’t regulate control, liquidity, or order book mechanisms. This isn’t always the case for other AMM (automated market maker) multichain setups. There’s been critical issues that have ended up on the end user on some of these networks.”
  • “Every user that uses AtomicDEX also represents one instance in the network. It’s like a node that can forward data packages to other peers, that can help other peers find new peers.”

That’s what stood out for me - be sure to read the interview yourself :slight_smile:

PR Report

Here’s a wrap-up PR report about the Cosmos Integration announcement at Cosmoverse :fire:

:small_blue_diamond:Landed coverage in 58 publications including CryptoSlate, CryptoNews, CoinMarketCap and other syndications in multiple languages such as Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin and Polish
:small_blue_diamond:Reached an online readership of 293 million people
:small_blue_diamond:The story was seen 457K times with 90 social media engagements including likes, comments and shares
:small_blue_diamond:Landed 4 in-person interviews at Cosmoverse (two of them still in the pipeline)

Final Cosmoverse recap

Our PR agency YAP hosted a Twitter space about the Cosmoverse. Also, Ca333 was part of the discussion and shared insight into what happened during the event.

:point_right: Listen to the recording:

  • We met many outstanding projects and got AtomicDEX under their radar
  • We attended a UX & UI workshop and found new talent and inspiration.
  • The event was smoothly managed and had a very vibrant crowd that left a great impression overall.
  • Next Cosmoverse in 2023 is already in planning and will be in another exciting location.