How to Connect Trezor in Komodo Web Wallet

  1. In a new browser tab, open Komodo Web Wallet
    Note: Trezor is not supported on Safari and Firefox browsers

  2. Click the “Connect wallet” button

  3. Click the “Connect Hardware wallet” button

  4. Select TREZOR and press the “Continue”

  5. Then, you will see the pop-up window with all connected Trezor devices.
    Note: if you use Trezor Model T you need to enter a PIN code on the graphic screen to see the device in this list

  6. If you use Trezor Model One you need to enter a PIN with the Komodo Wallet interface after selecting wallet from the list.

    Then click the “Continue” button

  7. Then, you will see the passphrase window for a hidden wallet. You can enter the passphrase and continue or skip this step to continue without a passphrase

  8. Now, you have access to your trezor wallets :tada:

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