How to Use the Address Book in AtomicDEX Mobile

What is the Address Book?

The Address Book feature allows you to save wallets addresses for future reference. Saved addresses can be selected from a list when making a withdrawal.

Where is the address book?

You can find the address book via the sidebar. Click the “More” button to open the sidebar, then select the Address book:

How do I add contacts and addresses?

  1. Open the address book by the instructions above.
  2. Click the “plus” icon to start creating a new contact.

  1. Give a name to your contact. It can be the name or nickname of the person whose wallet it is to remember it better and not confuse it with other contacts.

  1. Press the “Add address” button.

  1. Select a coin which addresses you want to add for this contact.
    Note: addresses will be different for each protocol, but coins with the same protocol have the same address.

you can use the search field to find it faster:

  1. Enter the address in the appeared input field. You can use the QR code scanner:)

  1. Click the “Save” button to finish and save new contact and addresses.
    You can add as many contacts and addresses as you wish. Also, you can edit and delete existing contacts.

How to use the address book?

You can use the address book to send assets faster with a few clicks. Just click the address book icon in the address input field and click the contact and address which you want to use and send funds.