How to vote with AtomicDEX Mobile

  1. Launch AtomicDEX Mobile and log in to your wallet. If required, import your seed phrase

  2. KIP and VOTE tokens should be automatically activated on login. From within the Portfolio tab, click on the vote token. These tokens will be named KIPxxxx or VOTExxxx, with the xxxx portion being an identifying number to indicate which KIP or notary season vote the token represents.

  3. Click the Send button to open the withdrawal form

  4. Review the poll options (for KIPs) or candidates (for notary node elections) to find the associated address for the candidate or option you would like to support, then input this address into the Recipient's address field at the bottom, and enter the amount of votes to send in the top Amount field.

  5. Click Withdraw to review your vote transaction before sending. If you are happy with the details, click Confirm to cast your vote!

  6. Once the transaction has been broadcast, you will see a new transaction appear in your wallet history.

  7. Click on it to view the transaction details. Click the View on Explorer button at the top right to see your vote on the block explorer.