I’m New Here - Where Should I Share A Cool Komodo Adoption Directory I Built?

I’ve built a nice geodirectory platform of businesses around the globe accepting Crypto, and I’ve created a nice interactive geodirectory of businesses accepting Komodo as payment. Crypto-friendly businesses will definitely want to be listed on my website (which is free and takes about 5 minutes). What and where is a non-spammy way for me to share it here? I don’t want to get banned for sharing a link here…


Have you tried Discord? Komodo Lots of great channels there.

Hey, sounds cool! You can share it here - or drop to our Discord like @daybreak said.

KMD is the coin of the realm of the Komodo ecosystem - a Smart Chain technology backbone. Its underlying architecture shares much in common with Bitcoin and Zcash - its privacy features make it an appealing commerce coin. It’s accepted by over 200 businesses around the world; from Serbian sticker printers to American CBD product suppliers.