Install Komodo Ocean wallet on Linux

Komodo Ocean is a native wallet for storing, sending and receiving Komodo and Komodo asset-chain funds, developed by ip-gpu and Komodo team member Decker .

NOTE: This guide explains the process of installation using pre-built binaries.

If you’d like to build Komodo Ocean from source, follow the README guide at

To install the latest release , download the komodo-qt-linux.tar.gz archive from Releases · DeckerSU/KomodoOcean · GitHub

Extract the archive, then open a Terminal and navigate to the folder containing it’s contents (or) Navigate to the Directory → Right click → Open in Terminal.

Run the command “ls” to make sure your Terminal’s current directory is in the correct location.


Output:  komodo.conf  komodo-qt-linux

The output in your Terminal should match the above.

Now, run the script to download the z-cash parameters by typing the following command -



If they are already installed, the script will exit automatically, otherwise wait for them to download.

Once the download is complete, open the file named “komodo.conf” from the directory in a text editor and change the values for “rpcuser” and “rpcpassword” to some other values and save the file. There is no need to remember these values.



Now, run the following command in the Terminal to create a directory named “.komodo” in your Home directory and move the file “komodo.conf” to it.

mkdir -p ~/.komodo && cp komodo.conf ~/.komodo

Then, run the following command to launch the Komodo Ocean QT wallet



Wait for the blocks database index to load.


To find out your new address, go to the Receive tab

You can find out your address by clicking the Request payment button.

If you need to import a private key, open the debug window

Go to the Console tab, and enter the command


importprivkey <your private key>

Then wait for the rescan to complete