Komodo AMA on Binance Live @ September 19th, 2022

We are organizing a Komodo AMA on Binance Live :fire:

Who will be there? Our CTO Kadan Stadelmann and COO Tony Lysakov.

Join the AMA through the link below.

:calendar_spiral: September 19th @ 12:00 UTC (Also, see the countdown timer through the link below.)
:link: Komodo Birthday & AtomicDEX | Binance Live

Send your questions.

:point_right: Send them to us before the event through Twitter
:point_right: Send them during the AMA through the Binance Live platform

Get a Binance sign-up bounty & live quiz bounties.

:moneybag: Share $1,000 in KMD by signing up for a Binance account using code【MHN9W2DO】
:moneybag: Join the live quiz and get the answers correct for a chance to win KMD from a $2,000 price pool.

Summary & Recording

Watch the recording from the link below.

You can find the summary in paraphrased text format from our blog: