Komodo Progress Report | Q3 2022

Stay informed and dive into our Q3 2022 recap/ Q4 2022 preview from Komodo’s tech/development, marketing, and business development teams

Key Takeaways

  • We had many new product updates & releases.
  • Liquidity is coming to AtomicDEX after a 3rd party security audit is complete.
  • AtomicDEX Web is getting widely tested and enhanced as we are approaching public beta.
  • We implemented full Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) support and can now natively bridge ATOM and the entire Cosmos/IBC ecosystem to the blockchain multiverse (e.g. native IBC to native BTC, ETH, BNB, etc.).
  • We are working on additional swap protocols (e.g. smart contracts) that will transform AtomicDEX into a hybrid architecture that uses the best from all worlds such as both AMM and order book-based tech, on-chain swap technologies for increased efficiency (e.g. for swaps between the same protocol assets), and more. The common denominator among all the bridge hacks has been “automated market maker technology” (AMMs) and we developed solutions to fix it and continue to enhance and innovate this sector
  • AtomicDEX Mobile will be soon out of the open testing phase and publicly available in the app stores. In the upcoming public release, we will synchronize all listed assets (coins and tokens )across our products.

Roadmap Update
As usual, we have also updated our roadmap to reflect the progress we have made in Q3.